Backlit LED Poster Frame Light Box


Backlit LED Poster Frame Light Box

These illuminated light boxes are a sleek, stylish way to display posters, flyers, photography and other graphic images. They use LED lighting that consumes less electricity than fluorescent tubes.

They’re used in malls, restaurants and transit stations. Their back-lit design provides consistent illumination across the fabric graphic. This eliminates shadowy corners and banding seen with edge-lit frames.

High-Quality Printing

Backlit posters give the graphics a brighter appearance that draws more attention to the ad. They also make it easier for people to read the text on the image or sign. Backlit LED frames can also be used to display a variety of products or information about them, such as new product launches, exclusive collections, or special sales. This helps brand recognition and reinforces the connection with a luxury audience.

Back-lit frames use a panel with bulbs across its entire width resting behind the graphic film and facing towards it, which illuminates your message directly. This construction allows the frame to be thinner and save on energy costs compared to an edge-lit light box.

The lights in back-lit LED poster frame light boxes can be switched on or off, allowing you to control the visibility of your advertising. They are also more energy efficient than fluorescent light boxes and have lower maintenance costs. They also last longer than traditional light panels, making them a great investment.

LED light boxes are the perfect way to highlight your business’s most important marketing messages. They can be used in a wide variety of settings, including retail stores, restaurants, and other businesses. Using backlit LED posters in your store will draw more customers and improve your customer service. Choose a Duratrans backlit graphic for your lightbox to ensure the best quality for your advertising. Duratrans is an extremely thin photo transparency that is ideal for backlit LED displays and fits well into snap or locking lightboxes.

Durable Frame

Whether your backlit led poster frame light box is inside a business or in a public area, its frame needs to be durable enough to stand up to daily use. Fortunately, many companies make frames from materials that are sturdy and attractive at the same time. They also have features like hinges and adjustable feet that help keep the frame in place even during high winds or inclement weather.

Another important aspect to consider is how bright you want your poster to be. Backlit light boxes tend to look brighter than edge-lit ones, but this depends on the size of your frame and the lighting in the room. Edge-lit light boxes usually have LED bulbs placed around the perimeter of the frame and may look dimmer for larger sizes.

LED lightboxes are a great option for illuminating your movie posters, game art, or custom prints. They use less energy than traditional fluorescent bulbs and have no backlit led poster frame light box mercury. They’re also a safe choice for children. You can find these displays in most shopping malls, movie theaters, and restaurants.

You can also purchase a backlit light box for your home theater. These frames feature two large banks of LED light that illuminate your movies from behind. They are a stylish addition to any living room or entertainment center. You can choose from a variety of frames in different sizes, including standard poster and sign frame dimensions. You can also opt for a snap-open frame to easily update your posters or other messaging.

Easy to Change Posters

Posters, signs, and advertising posters need to be constantly refreshed to stay relevant. This requires an easy-to-use, durable light box display that will keep your messages visible with minimal maintenance. Look for a backlit LED poster frame light custom logo light box box that can be easily opened and closed, so you can swap out posters without risk of damaging your displays or losing valuable customer attention.

ADA-compliant backlit lightboxes feature a magnetic door that is simple to use with or without gloves. They also have break-resistant acrylic windows for high-traffic public areas. These display cases can be mounted on a wall or freestanding on the floor using the included mounting clips. They are also available in a variety of depths for different space requirements and come with a power cord for wall-mounting or a hard wire for freestanding installation.

You can even get a slim backlit frame that features the latest edge-lit diffusing LED technology for more visual impact and lower energy costs. These frame designs are thinner on the wall, so people are less likely to trip over them in busy corridors and areas.

Designed for long-term signage and poster display, these illuminated frames are made with sturdy masonite backing that is water-resistant. They also include an acid-free archival mounting board and protective glass for long-term durability and to help prevent dust or debris collecting on the poster face. For added security, select a model with a hidden sliding gravity lock or for active workspaces or busy public areas, choose a side plunge lock that is sold separately. You can also customize the look of your backlit lightbox with hundreds of standard picture frame finishes and profiles.

Easy to Install

A backlit poster frame light box is a great way to draw attention to your signage and graphics in well-lit areas. Unlike edge-lit frames, which use LED light strips on the edges of the display case, backlighting uses multiple bulbs that face towards the graphic, creating more uniformity of illumination and brightness. However, this type of light box requires more cabinet space behind the graphic and is generally heavier than an edge-lit display case.

These light boxes are easy to install. Simply remove the front-opening silver snap frame from its packaging, insert your printed film or poster, and snap the frame edges closed. Then, place the backlit LED poster display on a flat surface or secure it to a wall using the nylon line hanging kits and ceiling fasteners that come with each frame.

Illuminated posters and sign displays are a great way to attract customers to your business after hours. They make your message, promotion, or offer stand out and create a sense of urgency for your audience. These light-up poster cases also use energy-efficient LEDs that reduce your energy costs.

The best LED poster frames are CSA/UL labeled and certified to meet stringent safety standards. They’re designed to perform in the harshest weather conditions and have a long lifespan. These light up poster frames are ideal for movie theaters and other retail businesses. Some of them have an integrated dimmer, making it easy to control the amount of illumination you need.

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