Stretch Fabric Light Boxes


Stretch Fabric Light Boxes

Fabric light boxes offer a sleek and modern way to showcase printed graphics, photographs, and messages. They are also easy to assemble and dismantle, making them ideal for events or trade shows where graphics may need to be changed frequently.

Frameless fabric LED light boxes use silicone edge graphics that fit tightly into a small channel around the perimeter of the frame extrusion. They feature backlit lighting and a frameless look.


The flexibility of a fabric light box allows you to use it for various purposes, including retail display and merchandising. It is also great for events and trade shows, as it can be easily dismantled or repositioned. You can hang your light box on an interior wall, erect it as a freestanding structure, or mount it onto a stand. The choice depends on the message you want to convey and how much space is available.

Unlike conventional light boxes, which use LED lighting along the edge of the frame, a fabric lightbox is backlit, so the whole image is harmoniously illuminated. This makes the fabric look more vivid, and it can be shaped to create a sense of depth or a calming atmosphere. It can also be printed in high resolution, ensuring that the colors are vibrant and not washed out.

Another benefit of a fabric lightbox is that it can be shaped to fit stretch fabric lightbox into a ceiling space, creating a more natural effect. The ceiling can be decorated with an image or text, and you can even add secondary acoustic layers to reduce noise and direct sunlight. You can also choose a fabric that is fire-retardant or water-resistant to suit the needs of your project. These options make a fabric lightbox an excellent option for your next ceiling project.


Whether you’re looking for a fabric light box for an exhibit booth or just to use as a backdrop, you can’t go wrong with these lightweight yet durable displays. They’re easy to transport and assemble, making them an ideal choice for trade shows and other events. However, it’s important to choose a size that fits your space and the message you want to convey. If you don’t have enough room for a large display, consider using add-on endcap graphics to extend the length of your backwall.

The key to the durability of fabric light boxes is in their construction. They’re made from a fabric skin that’s stretched over a frame and illuminated with LED lighting. This allows you to create a vivid display that’s eye-catching and attention-grabbing.

Fabric lightboxes are available in a wide range of sizes, so you can find one that’s perfect for your space. They can be wall-mounted, freestanding, or even ceiling-hung. You can also choose a version that’s completely modular, so you can easily assemble it on-site.

Fabric SEG lights are a modern solution for high-impact visual displays. They’re perfect for retail stores, exhibition stands and showrooms, company offices, and even health & medical facilities. They’re also a great option for point-of-sale displays. They can be installed quickly and without the need for any special tools or training.

Easy to change graphics

A light box with backlit graphics makes a bold statement that attracts customers’ attention. This wall display is ideal for retail merchandising, storefront displays and trade show events. Its high-resolution printing process produces a sharp, vivid image with vibrant colors that look beautiful when illuminated.

The fabric SEG lightbox is a great alternative to traditional frameless LED light boxes. It’s a simple way to change the message of your brand or event without using tools or professional installation. A silicone edge is sewn around the perimeter of the backlit fabric, which tucks into the groove of an aluminium frame extrusion to create a frameless graphic appearance. This allows for a quick and easy message change, which is essential for businesses that want to maximize the effectiveness of their displays.

The frame parts and feet are made from lightweight aluminium, which make them easy to assemble and transport. The fabric print is printed with dye sublimation, so it’s a durable and wrinkle-resistant material. It’s also fire-rated, so it meets all the required fire regulations. It can be used as a freestanding lightbox or connected to other frames to create an L or T customisable light box shaped backlit wall. The lights are energy-efficient and use only 8-15 watts of power per LED bar. This is a much lower power requirement than traditional light boxes.

Easy to install

A fabric lightbox is a great option for retail and exhibition displays. Its sleek appearance and backlit LED lighting make it an eye-catching addition to your space. The fabric can also be printed with your brand’s colors and graphics to reinforce your visual identity. This will help to maintain brand consistency across different marketing channels and increase your brand awareness.

The frames used on a fabric lightbox are made from aluminium with a high-quality finish. These are available in a range of sizes to fit into various spaces. They are easy to assemble and can be easily altered by adding or removing graphics. They are also light and easy to transport if you need to change them.

They are ideal for long-term use in retail stores, malls, and offices. The fabric is printed using dye-sublimation, which ensures a high quality and vivid color. The graphic is sewed on the edges and then stretched into the frame, which eliminates wrinkles. This makes the graphics durable and easy to change.

You can choose to have the light box backlit or frameless. The frameless option is a great choice for large areas that need to be lit from all sides. This will also reduce the cost of power consumption for your display. Frameless light boxes also feature a silicone strip that tucks into the channel of the profile, which allows the LED lights to distribute evenly throughout the fabric.

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