The Par Can Light – A Powerful and Versatile Lighting Fixture


The Par Can Light – A Powerful and Versatile Lighting Fixture

PAR can light is a powerful and versatile lighting fixture used for a variety of purposes. With a wide range of applications and easy controls, it can be a useful addition to any professional or consumer lighting rig.

HyLite offers both LED and traditional lamped PAR lamp units. Our Quad-LED PAR lamps offer RGBW with dedicated amber, white, and ultraviolet production for a more diverse color palette and enhanced versatility.

Stage Lighting

The par can light is an essential lighting fixture used in a variety of settings from concerts and theater performances to weddings and corporate events. It has a compact, circular design that produces powerful and focused light that is used in various special lighting effects to add color, texture, and visual interest to your event.

These versatile fixtures are often used in conjunction with gels and other filters to change the color of the emitted light, making them popular for par can light stage lighting and providing a colorful backdrop for performers or other special features during an event. They can also be used as full-color wash lights to create an immersive atmosphere for audiences and to accentuate certain architectural elements of a space.

In the modern world, the LED version of this type of fixture has gained popularity due to its low running cost and virtual elimination of heat output. This allows the use of plastic enclosures instead of metal and greatly reduces weight and cost. LED technology is also energy efficient and offers an extended lamp life, making this a great replacement for traditional lamps in many applications.

The latest par can models feature a Quad-LED system that utilizes red, green, and blue diodes to produce a wide range of colors. This is a great upgrade from previous versions that utilized only one color per diode and is perfect for modern DJ lighting or to supplement an existing effect. The latest flat LED par cans like this BeamZ BAC306 also incorporate tunable white and warm white capabilities along with dedicated amber and ultraviolet capability to offer complete light spectrum coverage.

Architectural Lighting

Lighting is an integral part of event design, and par can lights are essential tools for highlighting performers, stage designs, and architecture. They can also be used to create stunning lighting effects that can help set the mood and tone for a performance or event.

Par can lights are known for their powerful beams of light that can be directed in a wide range of directions and angles. They are also versatile and can be used in a variety of applications, including illuminating stages, creating color washes, projecting patterns, and enhancing architectural spaces.

The ‘Can’ part of the name refers to the protective housing that surrounds the lamp socket and reflector, which is sometimes decorated with gels or colored lenses to produce specific lighting effects. They are a fixture in many venues, whether as recessed lights in ceilings, inside vehicles, or as standalone fixtures such as airport runway lighting.

Modern par cans are typically equipped with LED lamp beads, allowing them to offer a wide range of color options. These include tunable white, which provides a continuous spectrum of light temperatures, and full-color systems that usually incorporate extra led display supplier hues such as warm white and blue. Some LED par cans are even able to strobe, allowing them to create exciting visual effects. This feature is usually regulated using an external DMX controller.

Battery Wireless Lighting

Battery powered wireless DMX LED par lights are ideal for applications with limited power or space for a traditional fixture. They use high-quality LEDs to provide a bright light for your event without the need for complicated setup or messy cords. They also have multiple modes to choose from, including sound-activated, automatic, DMX 512, and master-slave modes. They are available in several colors and brightness levels to meet your needs. They’re perfect for birthday parties, church events, dj disco events, and live shows. These battery uplights have a long life-cycle and are easy to recharge after each use. They’re waterproof and are ideal for outdoor performances. They can be hung from the ground or on trusses. They can be used with a dimmer to control the light.

Retrofit Lighting

PAR lamps have been popular in the theatre and stage lighting world for years. They are able to send light in one relatively direct beam, making them useful for highlighting subjects or accenting objects. The popularity of these spotlights continues today with LED technology. LED lights have a lower power consumption than traditional bulbs and generate significantly less heat. HyLite offers a number of LED par can retrofit options, so you can replace your existing halogen or tungsten fixtures with an efficient LED replacement without significant downtime or costly installation costs.

These newer LED par can lights also come with a range of additional features that allow them to serve many more purposes. These include white or color-changing capabilities, DMX control, built-in show programming and more. Many of the LED par can lights that we offer also feature multiple beam patterns, allowing you to select the precise angle and spread that is needed for your application.

Another important advantage of these newer LED lights is their increased energy efficiency over the older tungsten models. Traditional bulbs generate a lot of heat, which can make venues uncomfortable and cause issues with air conditioning systems. These LED lights use less heat and provide a more comfortable stage presence for performers. Some of the models that we offer even utilize tri-color LEDs, which means they can deliver red, green and blue illumination from a single diode.

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