LED Neon Light Strip

LED neon light strip is an energy-efficient alternative to traditional neon lights. It is available in a range of colors and offers multiple lighting effects. It also features a flexible design that allows it to bend and curve.

Before cutting your LED Neon flex strip light, make sure to expose the copper pads on the end of the strip. Disregarding this step could result in a dead or non-conductive section of the strip.

Easy to install

While traditional neon signs are often expensive and require a skilled craftsman to install, LED neon strip lights can be installed by a homeowner or business owner. The process is relatively simple, and the lights can be bent to any shape needed for the project. They are also much safer than traditional glass neon, using low voltage electricity to operate.

Another benefit of LED neon light strips is that they are easy to control. They can be set to change color, flash or dim. This allows you to create a unique lighting effect and draw attention to your business or event. You can even use them to highlight specific areas of a room or building for a dramatic look.

When installing your LED neon light strip, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. It is important to avoid twisting the strip because it can damage the lights and cause them to become dull over time. In addition, make sure to use curves when bending your lights to avoid sharp angles. Also, be careful not to bend your lights at angles that exceed the recommended limit.

Easy to control

LED neon flex strips are versatile lighting products that can mimic the look of traditional glass neon lights. They offer several improvements over traditional neon, including increased energy efficiency and durability. They also provide a more uniform glow across the entire length of the strip. They are also shatterproof, safe to touch, and can be bent around curves and corners. LED neon flex lights can be controlled with a remote or by using an external controller to change the color and create dynamic chasing effects.

These flexible LEDs can be shaped and bent to create a variety of unique designs. They are encased in silicone, which helps protect them from damage and weather. They are often used to illuminate restaurant signs, signage, and other curved lighting applications.

Addressable LED neon flex lights can be reset and altered with an external controller, which is a great option for large displays. These lights are ideal for creating a custom light show for events, and they can be configured to change colors and settings at your discretion. They are also easier to LED neon light strip work with than traditional neon lights, which can be fragile and dangerous to handle.


LED neon strips are an energy-efficient alternative to traditional glass neon signs. They don’t use dangerous gasses and don’t have the same flickering effect that makes them so iconic, and they can be installed in a wide variety of locations.

They also don’t require the same maintenance as glass signs do. These lights are encapsulated in plastic or silicone moldings, which protect them from breakage and damage. They can also be cut with scissors, making them a flexible lighting option for any linear project.

LED neon strip lights are a great choice for movie theaters, storefronts, and other retail spaces that want to add a pop of color. They are available in a variety of colors, and can be controlled with a dimmer switch or remote. They also work with voice control devices like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri to provide full-voice control. You can even connect multiple strips to create a custom lighting experience. They are easy to install and have a low power consumption with proper heat dissipation to prevent overheating.


Unlike traditional neon lights, LEDs do not require the use of high-voltage circuitry and dangerous gasses. Instead, the light is generated by an electrochemical reaction between a semiconductor and electricity. This makes it much safer and more energy-efficient than its predecessor. In addition, the LED is also more durable than neon. This type of strip is ideal for retail displays, signage, building facades, and curved lighting applications.

The RGB flex LED neon light strips are available in a wide variety of colors and are easily customizable to match your specific design. These lights work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri for full voice control. They are designed for flexible Energy saving neon light strip installation and can be cut and reconnected to adhere to any layout.

Unlike the traditional glass tubes, these LED strip lights are safe to touch and have low heat dissipation. In addition, they do not emit harmful gases that cause eye irritation and discomfort. The strip is also non-toxic and eco-friendly, making it the perfect choice for your home or office. Moreover, the color-changing LED light can be controlled by an RGB controller to achieve multiple functional lighting effects.


LED neon light strip is a great alternative to traditional glass neon lights, offering more options and saving you money on energy costs. Its flexible design allows you to shape it into words or other shapes and work in any space. It also dissipates very little heat, making it safe to touch and handle.

Unlike glass neon signs, which need to be refilled with gas, LED neon strip lights are controlled by digital drivers. These devices can tell the individual LEDs what effect to display, including changing color, strobing, or dimming and brightening.

LED neon flex lighting is available in different lengths and colours, so you can find the one that fits your needs. Its silicone housing protects it from water and dust, and is easy to clean and maintain. It also comes with a cutting line on the back for easy cutting and reconnecting. Its flexibility also makes it ideal for curved signage and other applications. The only drawback is that it can cause eye irritation at high temperatures. However, this can be alleviated by using a diffuser to reduce the intensity of the LED light.

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