Waterproof Neon Light Strip


Waterproof Neon Light Strip

Are you looking for a bright, flexible and versatile strip light that can work indoors or outdoors? Look no further than this waterproof neon light strip.

It comes with a food-grade silicone shell and is IP67 water resistant. It can also be used with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri for voice control.

Super Bright Neon Lights

Neon lights are the most eye-catching lighting options for businesses because they give off a vibrant glow that attracts attention. They can be molded into different designs to match the aesthetic of your business and come in a variety of colors that will complement your brand. They can be used in storefront signs, restaurants, and other businesses that want to catch the eyes of passersby.

Unlike traditional lights, LED neon strips are flexible and shatterproof. They are also waterproof and can be shaped to fit your space. They are also more affordable and consume less power than traditional neon lights.

While traditional lights need standard electrical outlets, LED neon strips work on different voltages and can be controlled with a remote. These features make them more versatile than traditional lights, especially when you’re looking to illuminate different areas of your home or office.

You can use them on your walls, cabinets, and more. You can even connect multiple LED neon strip lights together to create an intricate design. Just be waterproof neon light strip sure to choose one that can be bent into the shape you want. Lumishore’s Lux Superbright Neon Flex strip light features a diffusion layer that eliminates visible LED dots in direct line of sight and when reflecting on glossy surfaces. This allows it to be used in places where other LED strip lights would not be suitable, such as under gunwales or cabin headliners.

Flexible & Waterproof

LED neon flex strip is the perfect alternative to traditional, flickering, breakable neon lights. Featuring a durable plastic shell, these flexible LED strips are resistant to water, high temperatures and impact. They can be used in a variety of applications, including retail displays, event lighting, art installations and automotive lighting.

They are easy to install and can be cut to size using a sharp blade. To avoid pulling internal wires, it’s best to cut only at designated cutting points. The strip is also fully dimmable, giving you the ability to create dynamic visual effects and set the perfect brightness.

To connect your LED neon flex light to your power source, simply heat the female end of the connector or jumper section using a heat gun until it becomes slightly malleable, then position it over the end of the flex strip so that its female pin openings correctly align with the ends of the male power pin. Once you’ve done this, tin the copper pads on both sides of the LED, solder them together and then glue on an end cap to create a waterproof seal.

You can also use a silicone sealant to add an extra layer of protection to your LED neon flex strip. Make sure to apply the sealant at all connection joints and those which attach to the power cord, then let it air dry before putting it into use.

Cuttable & Dimmable

Unlike traditional glass tube neon lights, LED Neon Flex is shatterproof and watertight, making it ideal for use in indoor or outdoor applications. It is also highly customizable, allowing you to create a bespoke design for your application. For example, if you want to make a sign for your business, you can cut the LED Neon Flex into segments to fit into the space, or bend it to a particular shape to mimic the look of an original sign.

The first step in cutting your LED Neon Flex is to identify the cutting marks on the strip. These are usually located along the edge of the strip and indicate where you can safely cut it without damaging the circuitry inside. Once you’ve identified these points, you can use a sharp blade to cut the strip to size.

Once the LEDs have been cut to your desired length, you can close the exposed circuit by using glue-lined heat shrink to seal the ends of the strip. Then, you can apply a silicone adhesive sealant or glue to the end of the strip to protect it from moisture.

If you’re using your LED neon light outdoors, remember to keep the power cord side, connections and end tail side indoors or in waterproof boxes to prevent any water from seeping in. You should also unroll the neon lights led strip to test them out before installing them in your home or business.

Safe & Durable

If you’re looking for a more durable, longer-lasting, and cost-effective alternative to traditional glass neon signs, these LED strips are your best bet. Unlike traditional neon, LED neon lights wholesaler LED strip lights are shatterproof and flexible for a wide range of lighting effects. You can easily cut and customize them to fit your unique design ideas. Plus, they’re easy to connect and use with your handheld, home automation, or DMX controllers.

Neon light strips are safe for children to touch as long as the cut ends of each strip are capped and sealed, and any stray wires are out of reach. They also generate very little heat, and in some cases, are coated with a protective silicon sleeve. This helps reduce the risk of children accidentally cutting themselves or tripping on longer strips that are still attached to their spools.

To ensure your light strip is child-safe, first solder the exposed end of the circuit with pliers and a small amount of silicone glue. Once the connection is secure, use a pair of pliers to position the male power pin ends within the center of the exposed strip pins on the strip you just cut. Push the pins into the pliers until they reach a point where the clear plastic clip situated to the centre of the power pin meets the cut end of the strip. This will complete the connection and create a waterproof seal.

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