Add Drama to Your Stage Performances With a Mini LED Wash Moving Head


Add Drama to Your Stage Performances With a Mini LED Wash Moving Head

Mini led wash moving head is a versatile lighting device that can transform stage performances. It can be used to create different atmospheres, highlight focal points, and evoke emotions in the audience. It can also be set up to be sound responsive and pulse with the music for a more synchronized performance.

Color changing

If you want to add some drama to your stage performance, then an LED wash moving head is a great choice. This type of fixture is similar to a spotlight, but it has a broader lens that allows it to wash the entire stage. It also has the ability to change colors and create other effects, such as strobes. It can also be set up to be sound responsive, which means it can pulse and change colors to the beat of the music.

This powerful mini LED wash moving head is designed with 7pcs 40W RGBW 4IN1 LEDs and a high-efficiency optical system. It has a zoom range from 6deg to 60deg, which allows you to achieve a variety of lighting effects. It is also equipped with a color macro function and can be controlled via DMX, master-slave, auto run, RDM, and voice control.

The LED moving head wash light is an excellent option for smaller venues, as it offers a lot of power in a compact package. It is easy to operate and features a built-in fan for silent operation. The LED wash moving head is a great choice for DJs in clubs, and it can be used to light up large stages and theaters as well. It comes with a bracket on the bottom that makes it easy to mount onto a truss or a light stand.

Sound responsive

Wash lights are commonly used in stage and theater performances, and LED moving head wash lights are a great option for these applications. They have a mechanical design that allows them to rotate 360 degrees and move vertically, so they can cover a large area of the room. They also have brackets on the bottom that allow you to mount them onto a light stand or truss.

Many LED wash lights have DMX connectivity and compatibility, which allows you to control them remotely. This is especially helpful if you’re hosting multiple events with different themes. Having a DMX control system gives you the flexibility to create and adjust the effects on your wash light in real time. This mini led wash moving head feature is particularly useful in stage performances, as it can create a dynamic light show that goes hand-in-hand with the music or actors.


Unlike spot lights, wash lights use multiple light sources to create a broad wash of color over a large area. They also produce a soft and gradual light, while spot lights are sharper and have a more defined beam. Compared to other types of lighting fixtures, wash lights have lower power requirements and are easier to transport. They are also available in a range of sizes and colors.

The Stealth Wash Zoom is a compact LED moving head that produces an impressive amount of color. It is a perfect choice for small stages and low ceilings. It features a motorized zoom and 7 12W RGBW LEDs, which allows for quick and easy adjustment. This fixture also includes a tunable white channel, which is ideal for creating a wide range of effects.

This mini-wash moving head is perfect for DJs and entertainers in clubs, bars, and other venues. It can be controlled in sound active, DMX-512, or Show Mode. It can also be linked to other fixtures, and has a convenient Totem mode that keeps the beams aimed at the dance floor. It also has eye-catching auto programs and a motorized zoom. It weighs just 10 pounds and fits perfectly in the optional CHS-50 VIP Gear Bag.

The 740Z is a mini LED wash moving head that is designed to be compact, powerful, and durable. Its motorized zoom ranges from 6deg to 45 degrees, and it has a pure, uniform light color. Its features include no beam moving head lights flickering, 16-bit dimming control, and a built-in color macro function for automatic effects.

DMX control

The DMX control feature of the mini led wash moving head allows you to create a variety of different effects. This includes different colors and strobe effects. You can also choose from pre-programmed macro effects to add more interest to your show. Moreover, you can adjust the speed of your lighting cues to suit the mood of your audience.

Unlike spot lights, which produce narrow beams of static color, wash lighting uses wider lenses that can cover a much larger area of the venue. This makes them a good choice for theater environments, where you need to illuminate multiple locations simultaneously. Moreover, they are easier to install and provide more coverage than other types of lights.

Another benefit of LED wash lights is that they support RGB color mixing, which allows you to change the colors of your light show. This is especially important if you need to switch between a few different themes. This can make your event more memorable for your guests and help you stand out from the competition.

The EPL 10 Mini LED Moving Head has a clear screen display that makes it easy to use. This user interface makes the device a favorite among many users. In addition, it has a few operating buttons that allow you to operate the machine quickly and easily.

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