Disco Stage Laser Light

Dazzle your audience with dazzling multi-color beam effects that move with the rhythm of the music. This disco stage laser light is easy to use, with a range of control options for maximum customization.

FDA-approved professional-grade lighting has internal filters to prevent eye injuries. It’s important to understand the show’s flow, and accurately sync your lights with audio for a flawless performance.


This LED disco stage light comes with different color settings and has a sound-activated mode. It can be controlled with a remote or with a wireless connection to the music. It also features a strobe mode, giving you full control over the lighting effects. This makes it easy to create a beautiful atmosphere for your party or event.

You can choose from nine automatic and seven flash modes to match the mood of your music. This laser lighting can be used for dance halls, DJ clubs, KTV rooms, bars, stages, hotels, parties, and more. The light is lightweight and portable. It has a built-in fan for heat dissipation and is durable enough to stand up to tough use.

The Chauvet Scorpion RGY uses patented Fat Beam technology to deliver beams that are four times fatter than a standard laser light. It can be controlled via DMX or in automatic mode and includes solid red, green, and combined yellow laser color mixing. It is available in a variety of beam size and width options to suit your venue.

The show’s use of a spectrum of colors to evoke emotions is astounding. Scenes of the gentle falling of rain and the chaotic beauty of a starry sky left audiences in awe, illuminating the possibilities for laser lighting in theatre.


Turn your next party into an unforgettable experience with our mesmerizing Multicolor RGB Sunflower LED Disco Ball Stage Light Spinner. disco stage laser light This powerful fixture features multiple modes that animate and dance to the beat of the music, creating a captivating ambiance for your guests.

This laser light is equipped with a high-performance mirror and a high-quality amplifier, which ensures it delivers vivid colors and high-quality beam effects. It also comes with a powerful voice-activated sensor, allowing you to control the device with your voice. Additionally, it has a unique design that improves the efficiency of heat dissipation and allows for quick setup.

The multi-color disco stage light includes three automated modes and three sound-activated modes, allowing you to create a show that’s sure to impress your audience. You can also use the included remote to adjust the laser lights and LED background colors.

This 4 head laser fixture features a fan-shaped housing that provides a wider scanning angle than standard units. The wide scanning angle means that you can cover a larger area with one laser light, making it ideal for large venues. This light also has a DMX mode, which allows you to program your own show. You can also use the built-in preset shows to get started right away. When used in conjunction with a smoke machine, this fixture can enhance the effect of your laser light show even more.

DMX Control

DMX (Digital Multiplex) is a lighting control protocol that can transmit up to 512 channels of data at near video rates. It’s a manufacturer-independent standard, so you can use controllers from different brands together and still get the same results. It also allows you to control lights in a large venue from a single centralized location.

DMX is used by clubs, restaurants and theatres for stage lighting and lighting automation. It can be controlled manually using a control panel or with software on a PC. In addition, it can also be used for strobe effects and color mixing.

The DMX system has two signal lines: one for the master and the other for the slaves. The masters are typically connected to a DMX controller, while the slaves connect to the lights that you want to control.

A DMX splitter is an important tool for your rig. You can use it to separate a DMX line into multiple outputs, each of which can control up to 32 fixtures. You can also find a DMX repeater to increase your output capacity even further.

DMX is an essential tool for anyone who wants to create a light show that synchronizes with music. It can help you achieve a more immersive experience for your audience and set the right mood. It dj projector light can also help you improve the quality of your videos and photos.


Although laser lights may seem dangerous, they are safe for use when properly installed and operated. They are designed to enhance entertainment experiences by projecting patterns and effects that transform spaces into dynamic environments. They also come with built-in safety features that help prevent eye injuries. However, direct exposure to the beams is still harmful, and it is important to ensure that they are positioned above head height to prevent direct eye contact. Moreover, the use of fog or haze devices can minimize the exposure to laser light.

Laser stage lighting adds a dramatic flair to any performance. It displays a variety of different types of shapes, patterns, and characters that capture the audience’s attention during the performance. In addition, it can change the speed, color, and tone of the beams in response to sound. These features make it an ideal option for party settings.

Some laser systems also feature a patented beam attenuation map, which is used to identify safe areas within the projection space. This feature allows the laser operator to reduce the power of the projection by a specified amount when it is aimed at sensitive areas. In this way, the laser can remain legal in most jurisdictions despite being above head height. Additionally, the Beam Attenuation Map feature helps to mitigate any potential damage to audience members’ eyes, making it a highly effective safety feature.

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