Introducing the RGB Animation Laser


Introducing the RGB Animation Laser

Transform the ambiance of your venue with the captivating visual effects of an rgb animation laser. This cutting-edge lighting technology offers extensive color options and diverse animation capabilities, empowering you to design mesmerizing visual displays.

Using the basic color theory of red, green and blue, RGB lasers can reproduce countless shades and hues by skillfully combining varying proportions of these primary colors.

RGB Color Technology

The rgb animation laser utilizes the fundamental principle that any color can be meticulously crafted by mixing varying proportions of the primary colors red, green, and blue. The result is a kaleidoscope of colors that can produce dazzling displays to capture your audience’s attention and imagination.

The RGB color model is based on the work of English physicist Isaac Newton and his famous prism experiment. When a ray of white light enters a prism, it splits into the primary colors of red, green, and blue. Combining these three colors produces the millions of possible shades and hues that make up digital video display screens, TVs, computer monitors, and other digital imaging technologies.

Each of the RGB components can be represented by a number from 0 (black) to 255 (white). These numbers represent the intensity of each color, with the maximum value representing full intensity. When all three components are at their maximum intensity, they create white light.

The high-speed optical scanners in these rgb animation lasers provide exceptional brightness and angle stability, resulting in non-flickering projections of vivid graphics, beam shows, and gobo effects. Most models also feature a versatile control interface including ILDA, DMX, auto, sound, and master-slave mode for easy integration into any existing setup. In addition, the advanced temperature sensor and built-in chiller ensure safe operation for extended periods of time.

1W Power

A single watt of RGB laser power can generate hundreds of mesmerizing true color mid-air effects that leave audiences in awe. Whether projecting clean graphic projections or high-resolution dynamic rays, the rgb animation laser WOOKIE 400 RGB delivers an immersive light show that surpasses any 1080p projector could dream of.

This 3D animation laser features a high-speed optical scanner system that creates animated graphics and hundreds of beams show patterns. It can be controlled by DMX in 5 or 34 channels, with auto, sound, remote and master-slave modes.

With a built-in memory, the laser can store a maximum of 200 programmable programs. It can also be connected to a computer via USB for easy programming. This allows users to create a program with any image, or add their own logo. It’s easy to operate and has an intuitive user interface.

With a built-in fan, this laser keeps cool and can be used for extended periods of time. Its high-quality construction and UL-approved power supply ensure its reliability. This laser is ideal for bars and nightclubs, as well as home entertainment systems. It’s sure to bring an ethereal flair to any setting. The included IR remote control lets you access your favorite presets and effects with ease. You can even use this unit to project animations on the walls or ceiling of your venue.

128 Preset Graphics

The unit features 128 preset graphics allowing the user to quickly create stunning led zoom moving head light effects. These include 3D patterns, graphics and text as well as animations. The combination of a high-speed scanner system with good angle stability and the appropriate software help produce vivid, non-flickering graphics.

The FB3SE software provides an intuitive user interface. A workspace file (*.sws) contains all of the elements of a laser show packaged into one file for convenient storage, backup and transfer. Cue buttons on the left side of the screen display the images that will be projected. When a cue button is clicked, the corresponding ILDA command will be executed. Each sws file can have up to 48 cues. Cues are stored on pages 1 – 6. Cues are played in sequence, with the last cue displayed when the keyswitch is released. Cues can be linked in a loop for continuous play.

Using the FB3SE, you can edit effects, images and text in a familiar Windows environment. The fixture also comes with a library of standard beam and graphic effects which can be controlled directly by DMX. A number of options are available including image size, offset and a sws control that allows a flipped projection (reversed left-to-right) or an inverted output.

Versatile Control

Unlike traditional laser systems, these rgb animation lasers are more than just standalone hardware. They feature comprehensive control options to seamlessly integrate them into an advanced multimedia show workflow. Whether controlled from a lighting console, PC, or even in stand-alone “auto” mode, these laser lights support all major ILDA laser software and lighting protocols for a smooth integration into any stage or event technology setup.

All calculations for scaling, deformations, displacements and rotations of all graphics and all animations, including classic frame-by-frame as well as computer-aided morphing, abstracts, color passes and more are done in real time. The laser light can thus react to changes in the music and to the environment, resulting in more captivating effects.

The scanner is equipped with a professional protective system, which stops the beam instantly upon contact with any obstacles and ensures safe operation in any application. It also offers a DMX, auto, sound and master-slave mode for versatile control options.

This rgb animation laser is a perfect addition to any DJ set or club lighting, offering stunning visuals to enhance any atmosphere. Thanks to the 15kpps galvanometer scanning system, this laser light produces high-resolution, true-uniformed RGB color mid-air effects and captivates audiences with mesmerizing graphic projections and animations. This multi-function LED light is FDA compliant and offers an amazingly bright display, ensuring a powerful performance at any venue or party.

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