Side Curved Neon Light Strip


Side Curved Neon Light Strip

This side curved LED neon flex strip is ingeniously designed to bend horizontally and vertically freely, offering unparalleled installation adaptability. It can effortlessly conform to diverse designs and environments, gracefully following curves, angles or edges, bringing more artistic and personalized lighting effects.

This LED Neon Flex is encapsulated in high-quality silicone, making it UV and saltwater resistant. It also has a much lower power consumption than traditional neon, ensuring low energy costs.


Side curved neon light strip is available in a variety of lengths. The available options can be seen on each product page and are easy to select using the drop-down list. This allows for a range of different instalment types, from home styling through to venue and business lighting.

These LED neon flex strips are designed to illuminate from the side of their silicone housing and bend on a horizontal axis. This makes them ideal for creating wall designs, signs, writing, squiggles and curves for indoor or outdoor lighting applications. They can also be used for a wide range of wash lighting applications.

The neon flex is housed in a durable and waterproof silicone casing that provides a high level of protection against water, dust and dirt. The flex is also a lot slimmer and more flexible than traditional neon lights, making it easier to shape and form to suit your desired application. It dissipates very little heat, so it is Side curved neon light strip safe to touch and handle. It requires a power supply (transformer) to convert 120V to 24V DC.

This flex neon light is available in either 8 or 16ft lengths and can be cut down to size as required. It is suitable for use in a variety of environments and can be hardwired to be a specific color or connected to a SHADOW-CASTER marine LED controller for full controllability.


LED neon flex lighting is used to create decorative shapes both indoors and outdoors. It is durable, easy to install and control with our handheld, home automation or DMX controllers. The LEDs emit light from all directions and can be shaped to make any curved shape, making it a great replacement for traditional breakable, flickering neon.

These LED strips are also a lot slimmer, more flexible and more energy efficient than traditional neon and do not heat up to the point where they become uncomfortable to touch or handle. These attributes make it perfect for a range of different commercial or residential applications, including retail displays, wall art, signs and building facades.

A key part of any LED Neon Flex lighting installation is the connection of the strips to each other. This is made simple by using a strip to strip connector which is simply heated with a heat gun until it becomes malleable and then positioned over the cut end of the LED Neon Flex. The male power pin openings should be aligned with the exposed wires on the strip you have just cut and the clear plastic clip should then be pushed over this to secure the connection.

Alternatively, you can also use a straight wire entry splice which is ideal for joining two LED Neon Flex strips together without the need for soldering. It is important to note that these LED lights should be handled with care and not forced into a shape or bend past their natural diameter.


Unlike traditional neon strips, this flexible LED neon strip lights are fully encased in durable silicone and can be shaped to any design. They also require less maintenance, and have better energy efficiency and heat dissipation. The LEDs in this flex neon are bright, and can be used as a decorative lighting option in movie theaters, retail stores, restaurants, bars, clubs, storefronts, or other curved locations.

This side emitting flex neon light Personalized LED neon lights strip is designed to bend on a horizontal axis and illuminate from the side of the silicone housing. This type of flex neon strip is commonly used to create wall designs, signs, letters, squiggles and curves for indoor and outdoor accent lighting applications.

Featuring a milky translucent silicone encasing, this side bending neon flex tape can produce RGBW color lighting with smooth dot free colors. The translucent encasing also helps to soften the brightness, and reduce visible hot spots. These flex neon lights can be easily installed on a variety of surfaces, and can be controlled with a single color controller or DMX.

This flex neon is available in 10 meter (32 ft) reels, and each strip includes 1 end cap and power feed attached. It is cuttable every 4 in., and can be used with our jumper connectors or aluminum channels for installation. The flex neon requires a 24V DC LED power supply, which is sold separately.


Unlike glass neon lights that are fragile and require frequent repairs, flexible LED neon strips are shatterproof and watertight, making them perfect for use in movie theaters and other commercial spaces. They are also more energy efficient, provide better heat dissipation, and do not flicker or buzz. They can be bent into a wide variety of shapes and used as accent lighting to draw attention to specific points in a space.

When working with the side curved neon light strip, it’s important to follow all included instructions and guidance. It’s also best to avoid forcing the tape to bend past its natural diameter or twisting it in any way. It is also recommended that you test the lighting for any exposed wires or damage to the outer layer before attempting any alterations.

This product comes with a 12” connector, and separate jumper and end cap connectors. It’s easy to connect the different pieces of this strip, and you can easily control it with our handheld, home automation, or DMX controllers. The installation process is simple: just place the pliers around the exposed pins at the cut end of the strip and push the power connector into them. The ends of the power connector should align with the centre of the exposed strip pins to ensure proper connections.

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