Augmented Reality Solution Providers


augmented reality solution providers

Augmented Reality Solution Providers

Whether you want to enhance your product or provide on-the-job assistance, augmented reality (AR) solution providers have the expertise to create a digital overlay of relevant information over your real environment.

AR technology is used in many industries, including design and construction, maintenance and repairs, and training. Typically, the camera on an AR device captures a visual of the surrounding scene and then triggers a software program to display a virtual object over the image.


VironIT is an Eastern European IT company that was founded in 2004 and specializes in developing custom software solutions. The company offers a full range of services, including mobile application development, web-oriented software products and business software solutions, software integration and updating, and support and maintenance of developed applications.

They offer a wide range of AR services, from augmented reality design to gaming development and consulting. Their development team has a diverse set of experience in the field, and they have worked on projects from various industries.

In addition to augmented reality apps, the company also offers VR development. They specialize in virtual and augmented reality simulations, and their portfolio features applications for education, medicine, and e-commerce.

For example, they developed a VR simulation training tool for the healthcare industry, and have worked with clients like Mayo Clinic and Havard Medical School. They have also built a VR app that allows users to compare products using augmented reality technology.

The company’s main advantage is that they have extensive expertise in the augmented reality and VR space, which helps them deliver quality results quickly. They have a team of 30 dedicated developers and are capable of delivering new apps in a matter of weeks.

They can handle projects of any size, and they augmented reality solution providers work with a variety of software platforms, including Android, iOS, Java, and C#. They also have a variety of project managers, designers, and marketers on their team.

Another benefit of partnering with Vironit is their extensive support network, which is available around the clock and can answer questions in real time. They also offer long-term support and technical consulting and training.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an employee, augmented reality is a great way to improve the overall experience of your customers and employees. It is especially useful for e-commerce and marketing, as it allows consumers to shop with confidence and see products in context.

In addition to enhancing a customer’s shopping experience, augmented reality can also help companies increase their sales and reduce costs. For example, retailers can use AR to allow customers to try on clothes and shoes before they buy them.


Next/Now is an augmented reality solution provider that offers projection-mapped walls, floors, tables, sculptures, buildings and vehicles that transport users to new worlds. The company also offers mixed-reality experiences that let fans take a ride in the virtual pits of their favorite NASCAR drivers or admire peaceful bioluminescent forests.

NEXT/NOW has an extensive team of experts that provide solutions to clients from various industries. Their expertise in AR and VR is combined with a strong focus on creative ideation and innovative ideas. Their staff has diverse backgrounds, including brand development, museum management and computer technology.

The company is a pioneer in creating virtual reality and augmented reality environments for events, exhibitions, museums, and retail spaces. Their services include projection mapping, VR design, gesture control and interactive marketing events.

They create interactive displays that are highly-immersive and incorporate real-time generative art, motion-reactive visuals, and integrated light effects. Their work has won them prestigious awards, including the International MUSE Creative Award and the Gold Excellence Award from the Association for Experiential Marketing and Advertising.

Their services range from custom augmented reality applications to multi-user VR rooms for collaboration. They can also create holograms and facial tracking technology.

The company’s augmented reality technology can be used for industrial applications, such as remote assistance to technicians or in the healthcare industry, where it is used to show 3D CAD models of the human body. They can even help doctors perform advanced surgeries by guiding them with virtual reality.

Another important feature of augmented reality is that it can be a great tool for communication between people. It can be used to display information to users who are far away from each other or can also be used as a way of teaching young children about new topics.

For example, NEXT/NOW created an augmented reality experience for Cummins, which allowed customers to take a look at the truck’s engine without having to open it. It was a great way to attract new customers and increase brand awareness.

They also have a team that provides custom content for digital displays and a dedicated content management system. Their staff is also experienced in creating video and animation for a variety of different types of audiences. Their technical expertise helps them develop high-quality deliverables and their team’s regular communication helps them stay on track.


Niantic is a company that designs and develops augmented reality games. They have a long list of successful game titles, such as Pokemon Go, which gained millions of players worldwide. In addition, the company offers a software platform that enables third-party developers to create their own AR games and experiences.

Niantic has been in business since 2011, and they have more than 700 employees working on a variety of projects. Currently, they focus on the gaming industry and have a number of ambitious projects in development.

They have invested in several companies to improve their AR technology and expand their consumer base. Their latest investment is in DigiLens, a company developing holographic waveguide displays for AR applications.

Another company they’ve invested in is Lightship, which allows users to tie their AR activities to certain real-world locations. This allows them to experience the world in a more immersive way than with traditional AR headsets.

Using Lightship, Niantic can precisely place virtual objects and creatures in the real world to make it more realistic and engaging. This is an essential feature for AR games that require precise placement and tracking, such as scavenger hunts and puzzles.

The company also augmented reality solution providers offers a variety of other augmented reality solutions. For example, they created an AR marketing platform for Wayfair that enables customers to visualize how a variety of furniture designs will look in their home.

Other augmented reality services the company provides include 3D model design, VR video app development, and MetaRealitySpace. They also offer a range of peripheral services, such as mobile/web enablement and data analytics.

They are one of the best augmented reality solution providers in the market today, and their work has been recognized by various media outlets. They also have a robust portfolio of clients that include a variety of organizations.

The company has a history of delivering quality AR solutions for different industries, and they have more than nine years of experience in augmented development. They work with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and IoT technologies to deliver high-quality AR experiences that seamlessly connect the real world and the virtual one.


iTechArt is a renowned augmented reality solution provider, which offers custom AR and VR software. They also provide services such as image recognition, 3D modeling, and VR content creation. They provide these services to a number of different industries and businesses. They also have a dedicated customer service team that is able to help you with any problems that may arise while using their services.

They work with a team of highly intelligent professionals who are dedicated to their work. They have a lot of experience in working with AR and VR technologies, and their expertise can be crucial to the success of your project.

In addition to their AR & VR software development services, they also offer design and consulting. Their team is able to make any AR/VR project more successful by making sure that it meets all the requirements of your business.

Their services range from creating standalone AR apps to developing animations, cinematic augmented reality, and augmented reality Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat filters. The company has a team of around 50 people who are specialized in motion capture and computer vision technology.

Its team has been praised for their innovation and has created ground-breaking enterprise applications that have revolutionized AR & VR. They use their experience in AI & AR to develop apps for multiple industries, such as healthcare, travel, education, and entertainment.

The company’s haptic simulators are used in the medical and communications fields to teach patients about a variety of conditions. Their VR technology is also used in training and educating medical professionals, and they have developed simulations for several major healthcare organizations.

They are a UK-based augmented reality development company that has over nine years of experience in designing and developing high-quality augmented reality applications. Their team of experts works with artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, which helps them create immersive experiences that seamlessly integrate the real world with virtual ones.

Their projects have been awarded the “Healthcare Technology of the Year” VR Award for two consecutive years. They have worked with a variety of companies, including the Mayo Clinic, Havard Medical School, and King’s College.

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