LED Off Road Driving Lights


LED Off Road Driving Lights

LED Off Road Driving Lights

When you’re out off roading in the dark, having proper lights is essential. Whether you’re driving at high speeds or rock crawling, having the right lights can really make a difference.

KC HiLite offers premium off road lights in different sizes and beam patterns. The main types are driving, spot (long range), fog and flood lights.

HID Off Road Lights

When you’re out on the trail, having a bright and useful auxiliary light is critical to see obstacles and road hazards. LED pods or light bars are a great way to add more light output to the area around your 4×4. KC HiLite has premium off road lighting products that offer a useful and effective beam pattern in a compact package.

There are three main lighting technologies available to those looking for a new aftermarket off road light: halogen, HID, and LED. Halogen lights function similar to a traditional incandescent light bulb, using electricity to heat a tungsten filament to create light. They’re vibration resistant and are an affordable option.

LED lights are the newest and most popular off road lighting technology. They use 1/10th LED Off Road Driving Lights the amount of energy halogen bulbs do, are more durable and long lasting, and come in a variety of colors. They’re also offered in a more compact design than halogen lights.

KC HiLite offers LED light bars in different lengths with diverse beam patterns and special features. These include knurled aiming knobs, 15deg of adjustability, and single stud mounting to provide an easy and quick installation. They also have nylock nuts to ensure that vibration does not cause the bolts to loosen over time. These KC HiLite lights have an integrated ballast to reduce the overall weight of the light, and can be equipped with a fog, driving, or flood beam pattern.

LED Off Road Lights

If you want bright off road lights that will last longer than halogen or HID bulbs, LEDs are the way to go. They also use a fraction of the power and are more compact, making them the ideal choice for off road vehicles. The downside is that they are more expensive, but their brightness, efficiency and durability make up for the extra cost.

LED off road lighting is available in several different shapes and sizes to suit your needs, and there are many options when it comes to the specific light beam pattern. You can choose between spotlights (also known as pencil beams) and floodlights, or a hybrid of both called euro beams. Spotlights project a sharp, focused beam of light ahead of your vehicle, and they are great for off-road driving at high speeds. Floodlights illuminate a larger area and are better suited for slower technical crawling over rocks and obstacles.

There are even LED lights that offer a combination of spot and flood patterns, so you can have both at your disposal in one unit. The COLIGHT 4.5inch spot driving light, for example, features both a flood and a spot lens to give you maximum visibility on the trail. You can also find LED lights in a variety of colors, including the natural yellow that human eyes see best, or a cool white color that is closer to what the sun produces on a sunny day.

Fog Lights

Fog lights are angled sharply downward so that they only light up the road directly in front of your vehicle, preventing fog, snow, rain, and sand from reflecting into your eyes. While they do not provide the same illumination as headlights, fog lights can significantly improve your visibility and make you safer in low-light conditions. They are typically yellow, as this color can reduce glare more effectively than white.

They are a great way to see ruts, rocks, and other obstacles on the trail, but they should be used in conjunction with your main headlights. You should only turn them on in fog or other low-visibility conditions. Fog lights are also Theater spot lights useful for highlighting lane lines and other roadway features, making them an important safety upgrade if you’re going off-road.

You can buy LED fog lights as a single bar or as a set of pods, depending on your needs. When choosing a light, look for the brightness, durability, and ease of installation that you need. You should also consider the color of the beam and whether or not you want it to be white, amber, or both. Lastly, look for a warranty and heat-dispersal systems to ensure that your new off road lights will last. Our picks for the best off-road lights include the Rough Country dual-row Cree light bar and the Zmoon LED Light Pods.

Flood Lights

Unlike the more focused spot lights, flood lights cover a wider area with a softer light. They’re ideal for road lighting, sidewalks, and other commercial applications. They can have higher lumen counts but also a lower wattage than other types of off-road lights.

The KC HiLites LED flood lights are a great option for those looking to upgrade their vehicle with a more natural lighting style that emulates daytime environments. The 5000K bulbs project a white illumination but are also available in amber. Amber light is a good choice in dusty, foggy, rainy or snowy conditions as it helps to cut through airborne debris more effectively than a pure white light.

For those who prefer a more focused light, we recommend the Rough Country Black Series Dual-Row Light Bar. The 40 three-watt LEDs in this model glow at 9,600 lumens and boast a spot and flood combo beam pattern. The die-cast aluminum housing is waterproof and includes a breather to reduce moisture build up.

Regardless of which type of off-road lighting you’re looking for, we suggest taking your time to make sure you’ve chosen the best product for your vehicle and driving needs. We’ve highlighted some of the top brands, things to look for and features but ultimately the decision comes down to what you need your light to do.

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