Classic Downlight

Downlights are light fixtures that direct a beam of light downwards. They are used in commercial and office lighting, as well as in some homes.

These lighting fixtures are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from classic round to square models. They also come in various diameters.


Whether it’s to illuminate an office space or to brighten up the hallways in your home, choosing the right lighting fixtures is a crucial decision. You need a fixture that is not only durable but also functional and stylish. This Classic Downlight is why downlights are an excellent choice for many homeowners. They can double up as ambient and task lighting and also accentuate interior points of interest such as paintings. Additionally, these lights are energy efficient and durable, which makes them a great addition to any residential or commercial space.

To install these lights, first mark the ideal positions on the ceiling or wall where the downlights should be placed. Then, use a hole or drywall saw to cut holes in the ceiling or wall according to the marks that you made. Once the openings are ready, insert the downlights into them and make sure that they’re securely fastened. Then, patch any holes or cracks that you have on the ceiling or wall and apply any finishing materials that are needed to match the color scheme of your room.

Classic recessed downlights are available in different sizes, shapes, output types, light colors, and operating modes to suit your needs. They are also compatible with various Specialty Lighting switches and dimmers for maximum flexibility and control. In addition, they have a low installation depth and spring clips that make it easy to install them.

Energy efficiency

LED downlights are highly energy efficient, converting almost all of the electricity they consume into light. This saves on your electricity bills while allowing them to last for a long time. In addition, they emit less heat, which helps to keep your home cooler.

Many downlights are designed to be integrated into smart lighting systems, allowing you to control them remotely with your smartphone or voice commands. This can help you create different lighting scenes for various occasions, making it easier to change your mood. In addition, many recessed downlights are able to detect motion and turn themselves on or off automatically, further reducing your energy consumption and improving safety in your home.

Downlights are a great fuss-free way to light any space, whether it’s illuminating work areas in your kitchen or highlighting a feature piece of furniture like a new artwork. They provide even, soft lighting without taking up floor space or interfering with your decor, making them a versatile choice for both residential and commercial spaces.

Choose the right size, beam angle and colour temperature of your downlights based on your room’s function. For example, dimmable warm white downlights are ideal for relaxing spaces, while natural or cool white downlights are suited to working areas. You can also opt for a narrow or wide beam angle to achieve the desired lighting effect in your space.


Aesthetics are an important consideration when designing a space. Whether you’re trying to emphasize a certain piece of art, create a cozy atmosphere or make a statement, aesthetic lighting can help. Vintage downlighting and ceiling designs offer many options to achieve the desired style.

Our Classic surface-mounted downlights are a sleek option to consider when you don’t want to turn your ceiling into a golf course or your concrete ceiling just won’t handle recessed downlights. These are simple, elegant and add visual presence to a room without overshadowing other design features. Plus, they are easy to install and come in a wide variety of beam angles to suit your needs.

If Edward Scissorhands had a favourite downlight, it would be this one. The Slice’s curved, tapered design makes it perfect for defining surfaces and minimising glare in areas that require attention. Use them above kitchen benches and dining areas or orient them with a wall wash beam for a sophisticated look.

Portal downlights with tight beams are ideal for spaces prone to glare, such as hallways, bedrooms and the peripheries of living rooms. They work well above beds, feature walls and over artworks. Choosing a LED Track Light black inner and white outer configuration further minimises glare, preventing those squinty eye moments.


The versatility of downlights is apparent in the range of product sizes, output types, light colours and operating modes. This enables them to meet a wide range of application needs without compromising on design or performance.

The choice of beam widths further increases flexibility. Choose from narrow, medium or wide beams depending on your space requirements and the type of illumination you need. There are also a number of different colour temperatures available to ensure the light is right for your environment. For example, the warm white option (ranging from 2700K to 3500K) appears yellowish or amber while the cool white option (ranging from 4500K to 6500K) is bluish or daylight-like.

Another feature is the ability to simulate a sunset effect by dimming the fixture from full brightness to a soft, warm glow. This adds a sense of warmth to an evening ambience and can help to reduce sleep disruptions.

The Basic downlight, for example, is a compact and glare-free solution that can be used in new construction and retrofit applications to provide high-quality general or accent lighting. It features a low installation depth and spring clips that simplify installation. Larger installation holes can be accommodated with adapter rings. It is also possible to order a trimless version, which is plastered flush against the ceiling. This makes it a good choice for slope ceilings or where you want to limit the visual impact of the fixture.

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