TOP 10 LED Silicone Light Strip Wholesale Suppliers


TOP 10 LED Silicone Light Strip Wholesale Suppliers

Electric Luster Electric Luster

In the world of LED silicone light strip wholesale suppliers, there are countless companies vying for the top spot. From Electric Luster to ShineCity Lights , GlowCity to Elitex Lighting Co. , LEDJump to Tingkam , these brands have established themselves as leaders in the industry. Each one offers a unique range of products and services, catering to a variety of customer needs.

Professional Neon Light Strip Manufacturer

Electric Luster

Electric Luster Electric Luster

– Company Name: Electric Luster

– Established: November 2010

– Products: LED silicone light strips

– Address: 1234 Evergreen Lane, Los Angeles, CA

– Certification: ISO 9001 certified

– Company Features: Known for high-quality products with innovative designs.

– Contact Info:

ShineCity Lights

– Company Name: ShineCity Lights

– Established: March 2008

– Products: Custom neon led silicone light strip wholesale glow signs

– Address: 5678 Sunset Blvd, New York City, NY

– Certification: UL listed

– Company Features:

– Specializes in customized lighting solutions.
– Offers competitive prices for bulk orders.

Contact Info :

GlowCity GlowCity


GlowCity GlowCity

Company Name : GlowCity


Products:LEDSiliconeLightStripsWholesale,CustomNeonGlow Signs


C led silicone light strip wholesale ertification:CE,RoHScertified



Elitex Lighting Co.

As consumers continue to seek out new and exciting ways to illuminate their spaces,
manufacturers like Elitex Lighting Co. are stepping up with cutting-edge offerings. This company has been a game-changer since its inception in June 2012,
setting itself apart with an extensive range of customisable led silicone light strip wholesale options perfect for any project.


For those looking for a reliable supplier of led silicone light strip wholesale products,
look no further than LedJump! With their founding date after January this year (2021) they’re relatively new on the scene but have quickly made a name through providing quality items paired affordable pricing.For personalized assistance or help getting started just reach us via email anytime at


Adding flair and style never got easier thanks Tingkam’s vast selection!
Founded back then in May year proposed definitely hard ignore if what really want is stunning pieces that sure impress Delving into assortment including various hues lengths types makes it obvious how they’ve garnered renown among customers far…
Interested parties make inquiries our team by email info.tingkamsales@gmailcom

When it comes down choosing your go-to provider for led silicone lights strips incredible choices available making challenging decision simply breeze! Examine everything from product quality cost-effective deals certifications ensure best possible outcome every time you shop whether professional DIYer alike Look towards mentioned within structured guide find ideal match next endeavor efforts will doubt pay off plentifully

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