Custom Headlight Parts

When a vehicle’s headlights need replacing, many body shops and consumers turn to aftermarket parts. These custom headlights are less expensive than genuine OEM parts, and they’re just as safe to use.

These lights are designed to look like your stock headlights, but they offer a few bonus features. They typically come equipped with LEDs, halo rings and projector beam lenses.

Sealed Beam Headlight Units

Before the ’80s, all cars sold in America were required to use off-the-shelf headlights called sealed beams. These were round or rectangular units with set dimensions that fit into the car’s original headlight housing. They provided the car owner with a bright light and a lot of visibility, but they didn’t allow for custom styling variations like those found on modern composite headlights.

These units were hermetically sealed, so if one went out, you custom headlight parts had to replace the entire unit. In an effort to save money, people began converting their sealed-beam headlights with something called a composite headlight conversion.

A halogen converter replaces the original bulb with a newer, more powerful one that offers much higher performance. The difference is immediately noticeable in that the light output increases and the beam is much brighter than the stock unit.

Another advantage of this upgrade is that it is much more affordable than replacing the entire headlight. It’s also easy to install and doesn’t require a professional.

To find the right replacement headlights for your classic car, just enter your year, make, and model into our search box at the top of the page. The website will automatically narrow down your options, making the search process quick and simple. Then, once you have your year and model, the last step is to determine the headlight size measurements.

Euro Style Headlamp Assemblies

Modern headlight assemblies are designed to incorporate a variety of lighting functions. Some feature projector beam bulbs that deliver a bright light with well-defined beam paths and sharply delineated zones. These lights are a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade their vehicle’s lighting performance and style.

Clear headlight lenses and colored background bezel pieces give custom headlamp assembles a sleek look. Buyers often choose “clear” or “smoke” headlight assembly colors that blend well with the rest of their vehicle’s finish. Some people opt for the look of a chrome-colored headlight bezel with a black headlight lens. This option is popular for drivers who install a chrome body kit or want to match their car’s exterior paint color with its headlights.

The halo ring is the most popular form of a headlight ring and gives a custom touch to many types of headlight assemblies. These rings offer a dramatic glow around the headlight bulb that is brighter than traditional incandescent bulbs and burns cooler, so you won’t have to worry about hot spots or discoloration of your headlight lens covers.

A set of custom headlight assemblies can breathe new life into composite Euro-style headlights that have become plain-looking after years and miles. These assemblies include a clear outer lens cover that is designed with a multi-faceted projector beam bulb behind it. Some of these assemblies also feature built-in turn signals, daytime running lights and more.

LED Headlights

There are countless companies selling headlight replacements, with blue chip name brands and boutique high-end outfits like Diode Dynamics offering a wide variety of bulbs. However, just changing out the bulb does not make the headlights perform better. The bulbs must be properly housed, aimed, and configured to provide the desired results, and this is where many LED headlight retrofits fall short.

Unlike traditional halogen bulbs, LEDs have smaller filaments that allow them to be shaped into headlamp assemblies that offer enhanced and targeted illumination of LED Off Road Driving Lights the road ahead. This is an important safety feature that reduces the stopping distance of vehicles and allows other drivers to react quickly when the vehicle in front brakes.

LED bulbs also last much longer than halogen headlights, with some manufacturers reporting lifespans of 50,000 hours or more. This is due to their design, which includes a moisture-proof housing that protects the electronics from exposure to harsh elements. LEDs also have a higher energy efficiency, converting less of the electric current into light than other types of bulbs.

To determine the right type of LED headlights for your vehicle, consult your owner’s manual for information about your vehicle’s headlamp size and type. Alternatively, some online retailers and manufacturers have a “bulb finder” tool that can help you identify the correct bulbs for your car.

Halo Headlights

Halos are another way to make a statement with your Jeep’s headlights. These LED rings are encircled by projector lights and offer a unique look that can add a lot of character to your ride.

These rings are available in many different colors and styles, from the standard white to more vibrant yellow, blue, and red options. They can be used as daytime running lights or simply to illuminate your vehicle’s front end with a beautiful glow.

You can also find halos with LEDs or HID bulbs. The LED versions use a series of SMD chips that are installed on a black circuit board for a high-performance upgrade without the added weight of glass lenses. The HID version uses a high-intensity discharge bulb for a brighter light output.

If you want a more subtle option, we have halo headlights with a single color that will allow you to change the look of your Jeep with the flip of a switch. There are also halo headlights with a strobe function that can add a whole new dimension to your nighttime driving adventures.

Lastly, there are even RGB halos that can change between thousands of colors using a smartphone app or physical remote. You can set them to predetermined modes or create your own personalized pulsing display with the music you’re listening to.

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