LED Off Road Driving Lights


LED Off Road Driving Lights

LED off road driving lights are available in a wide variety of unique designs, power sources, shapes, sizes and light beam patterns. They are commonly installed in the lower bumper/valance of pick up trucks, SUV’s and Jeeps; winches; brush guards; bull bars; on hoods, and the roof rack of side by side and ATV’s.


There are a lot of different options, variations and configurations in LED off road lights. Some of these include different power sources, shapes, sizes, beam patterns, optics and reflectors, technologies and circuitry, light colors and temperature, and many more.

Whether you’re an overlanding Jeeper who likes to spend long days and nights in the backcountry, or just love a good rock crawling section every now and then, having the right lighting is key to getting the job done. LED off-road lights and work scene lights are a powerful way to achieve a slice of daylight on the trails after dark.

These lights use a lot less energy than halogens and provide a brighter, more natural-looking white color. They can be a great solution for anyone who wants to upgrade their ride’s visibility without spending a fortune.

The Spike cubes we tested feature a combo pattern that projects a focused spot beam for distance and a flood pattern for immediate surroundings. They’re also super bright, but not so much that they’d be overkill for general use on slow moving Jeeps. Wiring is standard with waterproof connectors for outside the Jeep, a relay and included fuse, and a rocker switch that provides both high and low beam function. They’re also made from cool cast aluminum and have a nice, polished look.


The key to off roading is having the ability to see what lies ahead, especially in dark conditions. LED lights are a great solution for this. They emit bright, white light and require less power than halogen bulbs, meaning that your lights will last longer. They are also much more durable than other lighting options, which is important for off-road driving as the bumps and jolts of rough terrain can be hard on your vehicle and its lights.

There are many different types of LED off road lights available, including LED pods and light bars. These can be mounted to the front bumper, roof rack or other locations on your vehicle. Some come with a mounting bracket that can be adjusted to change the installation angle, while others are designed to mount to the winch bar or another type LED Off Road Driving Lights of mounting point. You can also find lights that have a variety of lighting modes, and some even feature a dual-fog/spotlight combination beam pattern.

One of the best brands for off-road lights is Rigid Industries. These lights are known for their high-quality construction and exceptional durability, and they offer a wide range of lighting modes to suit any driving situation. The company also offers a variety of warranties to back up their products.


There is an almost infinite amount of options when it comes to off road LED lights and LED light bars. This is due to the different sizes, shapes, power sources, beam patterns, optics, reflectors, technologies and circuitry.

When it comes to comparing off road LED lights, one thing that should always be kept in mind is the brightness and visibility they provide. This is determined by their lumen and lux ratings. Lumens are the amount of potential light output a light produces, while lux is a measurement of usable real-world light output.

Lights that feature a driving beam pattern are designed to supplement your vehicle’s high beam headlights by illuminating a greater distance ahead of you. They are not street legal and should only be used for off-roading, but they can really help you see sharp turns, jumps, animals and other obstacles in your path.

Fog lights are similar in that they project a bright, narrow light beam to help Theater spot lights clear fog, dust or rain from your vehicle’s path. They are also not street legal and should only be used for the purpose of clearing a path ahead of you.

Pod lights are small, compact and robust off-road LED lights that can be mounted in places like your front bumper or roof rack. They can be powered by halogen or LED bulbs and are great for adding extra illumination to tight, twisty off-road paths.


When you are off the beaten path, your visibility is crucial. A powerful lighting system will let you see the obstacles and hazards that lie ahead, allowing you to respond accordingly. LEDs offer an excellent balance between brightness and durability, making them the safest choice for off-road driving. They also consume less electrical power than HID lights, and they are more efficient in bad weather conditions.

The amount of light produced by your off road LED driving lights is also important, but you must consider the effectiveness of this light at different distances. This is measured in lux, and the best LED lights will report this number accurately. A good off-road LED light will produce at least 750 to 900 lux at 3.3 feet away, which is more than enough for most situations.

You should also consider the specific light beam patterns that your off-road lights are capable of emitting. Most LED lighting retailers and manufacturers will offer LED lights with a variety of different beam patterns, including flood, spot, fog, scene, diffusion and combination patterns.

The right off-road LED lights will help you to better navigate your vehicle in any terrain or environment. They can also help you to safely navigate your way around a campsite, a construction site or any other situation that may require leaving the comfort of the paved highways.

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