Illuminate Your Posters, Signs and Advertising With a Snap Frame Light Box


Snap Frame Light Box

Illuminate Your Posters, Signs and Advertising With a Snap Frame Light Box

Illuminate your posters, signs and advertising with a durable and versatile Snap Frame Light Box. This lighted signage is front-loading, making it easy to swap out graphics.

Backlit LED lights illuminate the film in your graphic, highlighting the colors and detail. This UL listed sign is ideal for retail displays and eye-catching trade show graphics.

Easy to Change Graphics

The snap frame light box is an easy-to-use product that makes graphic changes quick. It is front-loading and works well for retail environments, medical facilities, and more. It features precise miters for a sleek look and can be used horizontally or vertically. It is also durable and comes with a limited warranty.

The frame edges open on all sides so you can easily change graphics without using any tools or complex installation instructions. Just slide out the old one, insert the new backlit graphic, and then snap the frame edges shut. The process takes a few minutes and doesn’t require any expertise or special tools.

LED light panels have made major advancements over the last several years, resulting in thinner frames that are less bulky and lie flat on the wall. They are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes, making them ideal for any display needs. These are a great Snap Frame Light Box option for trade shows and exhibitions, as they offer a vibrant dimension to booth displays and can elevate the overall ambiance of lobbies and reception areas. They can even be used in homes as illuminated wall displays to add style and sophistication to living or working spaces.

These lights use a cool white LED lighting technology and can last up to 50,000 hours. They operate on low voltage and are UL Listed. They are energy efficient and come with a 2 year limited warranty.


Snap frame light boxes are a popular signage tool for businesses of all sizes. They pair a backlit film with a heavy-duty aluminum frame to create a visually-appealing, backlit advertisement that catches the eye of customers. These frames have a snap-open design that makes changing out posters an easy task. The frames also have a built-in power supply to provide an internal lighting source. The brightness of the backlit film can be adjusted to suit different advertising needs.

These LED Light Boxes feature an edge-lit acrylic diffuser panel that allows for even light distribution and brightness. They are ideal for permanent retail displays, corporate environments, and eye-catching trade show graphics. These lightboxes are designed for longevity and durability, and can be used indoors or outdoors.

The frame is available in black, silver, or white and is mounted to the wall using clips or hangers. This UL-listed fixture is energy efficient and operates on a standard 24v power supply. It also comes with a warranty for added peace of mind.

Snap frames have a sleek appearance and are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. They are also durable and can withstand weather damage or vandalism. Unlike SEG fabric lightboxes, snap frames do not require complex installation instructions or tools. However, they may be slightly more complicated to manipulate when replacing posters. You must be careful to avoid damaging the new poster when you swap it out for an old one.


Snap frame light boxes are very versatile. They are a popular choice for businesses that need to change signage often, since they don’t require any special tools to remove and replace graphics. They also feature flat designs that are unobtrusive and work well in most environments.

Another benefit of snap frame light boxes is that they are easy to install. The aluminum frame that holds the display is hinged and snaps open, making it easy to mount your graphics. The back of the frame is clear to allow light through, and the lighting is built-in with LED technology that shines through the edge of the frame.

This allows your graphics to be illuminated and makes them more visible to customers or passersby. Additionally, snap frame light boxes are very affordable and offer a wide range of brightness levels, which allows you to find the perfect setting for your needs.

Another benefit of the snap-open LED light box is that it takes up less space than traditional frames. This sleek design is ideal for wall-mounting in retail stores, corporate facilities, museums, and other public spaces. Additionally, the LED light box is made from high-quality materials and comes with a warranty against product defects. This ensures that you can use the display for a long time without worrying about it malfunctioning or fading.

Energy Efficient

The use of energy-efficient LED lights in light box manufacturing is a significant step towards decreasing the environmental footprint of these displays. It also helps reduce operating costs and aligns with sustainability goals. Moreover, forward-thinking manufacturers are integrating renewable energy sources into their operations to further decrease the reliance on fossil fuels.

These ultra-thin light boxes are popular among marketing teams to illuminate posters, ads and other graphics. They have double sided lightbox a sleek and stylish design that attracts customers’ attention and creates an eye-catching visual impact. They are ideal for retail, hospitality and healthcare environments. They can be used to display advertisements, promotional products, movie posters, glossy fliers, or any other graphic.

Unlike SEG light boxes, which use silicone strips sewn into the edges of the printed Duratrans film to slot into a channel on the frame extrusion, snap open lightboxes use a flat aluminum snap open design that allows for easy graphic changes without removing the sign from the wall. This allows for a seamless appearance and is a more durable option.

This UL-listed light box with an acrylic back panel is the perfect solution for illuminated paper graphics. Its LED lights are positioned around the perimeter to provide bright and even illumination. Its low power consumption and durable construction make it an ideal choice for high traffic areas.

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