Backlit Tension Fabric LED Display


tension fabric led display

Backlit Tension Fabric LED Display

Backlit tension fabric displays allow your brand to stand out in a trade show crowd. These displays have a modern, sleek appearance that can help your company attract new customers.

Tension fabric displays are made of a stretchy polyester material that easily slips over a frame. They’re also lightweight and easy to assemble.

Easy to Assemble

Tension fabric trade show displays are easy to assemble and move, making them ideal for businesses that need to change their messaging quickly. These displays feature graphics printed on soft fabric that can be replaced to reflect new designs or messages, and they are also lightweight and durable. They also provide uniform illumination, which helps them stand out from other booths at the event.

Embrace backlit tension fabric displays are available in a variety of sizes to suit any exhibition or trade show. They are made of a pillow case design that fits over the aluminum frame, and come with both single-sided and double-sided graphic options. They are also a lightweight and portable option, with no tools required for assembly.

To assemble your display, lay out the poles on the ground in the basic shape of the display. Each of the poles is labeled with a numbered sticker that matches up with the other, so you can see which sides to connect. Once you have the poles assembled, simply slide the tension fabric over the now-connected poles and velcro the bottom of the tension fabric together.

Many of the backlit tension fabric displays include shelves for displaying products and other items. Some models also come with LED lights for a more eye-catching display. These displays are also energy-efficient and eco-friendly, which means that you can use them at multiple events without worrying about your power bill.

Easy to Move

Backlit tension fabric displays are an increasingly popular choice for trade show booth designs. They feature a lightweight aluminum frame with LED lights that illuminate fabric graphics. They also come in a variety of sizes, from small tabletop displays to tall towers that can attract attention from across the room. These displays are easy to assemble and come in compact packaging, making them easier to transport between trade shows. The dye sublimation process used in printing the fabric is highly durable and resists color fade, which can help keep your graphics looking sharp even after repeated usage.

A tension fabric display can be a powerful marketing tool at your next trade show, event, or business conference. It can be printed with Led Letter Signs your company’s logo, contact information, product offerings, and more. These displays can help you attract more customers and make a lasting impression on potential clients.

Whether you’re looking for a new way to market your business or simply want to stand out from the crowd, a custom backlit tension fabric display is a great option. These displays are lightweight, portable, and cost-effective, making them a smart investment for your brand.

Before you order a tension fabric display, make sure it’s the right size for your space. If possible, use your own design software to create a layout that fits the frame’s dimensions. Then, check that the bleed lines are accurate and complete before ordering.

Easy to Clean

Tension fabric displays are a popular choice for businesses that frequently attend trade shows. They’re less likely to get torn or creased, and can be easily cleaned and stored. They also take up less space than traditional banners, which makes them easier to pack for travel.

Some tension fabric displays can be rolled or folded for easy storage. Others have built-in hangers for easy display, and can be hung from a hook or a pole. In addition, some tension fabric displays can be backlit, which adds to their visual appeal. They’re also energy efficient and environmentally friendly, which is a positive selling point for many customers.

When choosing a tension fabric display, look for non-toxic printing materials and eco-friendly fabrics. Some suppliers also offer sustainability certifications, which you can use to promote your commitment to the environment.

Most tension fabric displays have an aluminum tube frame that the graphic stretches over. These frames can be straight or curved and come in a variety of sizes. One popular style is the “pillowcase” style graphic, which stretches over the hardware like a pillowcase and zips shut on the bottom or side. Other popular styles include silicone edge graphics, which have a strip of silicone sewn into the perimeter and fit into a channel in the frame.

If the instructions on your tension fabric display recommend washing it, do so in a cold cycle with mild detergent. Never dry the fabric in a dryer using heat, and always air or tumble dry on low.


If you are looking for a backlit tension fabric display that will be durable and easy to maintain, look for one with an aluminum frame and a dye sublimated print. The hardware is inserted inside the fabric, similar to restaurant signs outdoor putting a pillow into a pillowcase, and the printed graphic is stretched tight across the frame and zipped close. This makes it easy to transport and store. Replacement graphics can be purchased easily if you need to change out the graphics for a different event or season.

The durability and longevity of a tension fabric display depends on several factors, including the printing technique and quality, and the fabric type. The fabric used in the display should be weather-resistant, UV protected, and provide vibrant print colors that will stand out under various lighting conditions. Additionally, the printing process should be non-toxic and environmentally friendly to minimize the impact on the environment.

Investing in a high-quality display that will last you for multiple events can maximize your return on investment and ensure a successful event. Consider your budget limitations when selecting a display, but remember that compromising on the quality and longevity of your display may result in a higher cost in the long run. You should also evaluate the functionality and versatility of your chosen display to ensure that it meets your specific event requirements. For example, adding lighting and audio visual components can dramatically enhance the visual impact of your display and create a more memorable experience for attendees.

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