3 in 1 Moving Head Light


3 in 1 Moving Head Light

A 3 in 1 moving head light is a versatile lighting fixture that creates a variety of eye-catching effects. It offers a wide range of colors, dyeing and pattern options, making it a valuable tool for lighting designers.

The three main types of moving heads are wash, beam and spot lights. Each type produces a different effect. Some produce wider beams of light, which are ideal for highlighting surfaces, while others produce tighter beams, which are perfect for creating eye-catching aerial effects.


Designed to create a diverse array of lighting effects, 3 in 1 moving head light are a popular choice for theatrical and concert productions. They feature a high-powered LED that produces intense light beams. They are available with different color filters and gobos to match your scene requirements. They also have a motorized zoom, allowing you to adjust the focus and direction of the light.

The versatility of this type of light makes it a great choice for DJs and other performers, as it can be used to produce eye-catching aerial effects. Its durable construction and advanced control features make it ideal for use in large venues, including theaters and houses of worship.

There are three different types of LED moving head lights: wash, spot, and beam. Wash lights create a wide wash of light, perfect for highlighting a large area on a stage or audience. Beam lights, on the other hand, create a tight beam of light in a cone shape. There are also hybrid lights that offer both wash and beam effects.


Compared to other lighting systems, 3 in 1 moving head lights offer a higher brightness. They’re ideal for venues that need eye-catching visual effects and can be used to light up the entire room or even a large stage. In addition to their high brightness, these lights have a low power consumption. They use a single high-powered LED bulb that can last for a long time. They also have a wide range of effects and are easy to control with DMX.

There are three main types of 3 in 1 moving head lights; wash, spot and beam. Washer lights highlight a larger area of the surface, making them perfect for creating an effect at events such as dance performances and parties. In contrast, spot lights produce a narrow beam of light in a cone shape and are often used to create an effect at stage shows.

The MINIHOTBEAM 150W 3 in 1 LED Moving Head Beam Light uses a 150W 7500K white LED lamp bead with a magnifying optical system to provide a clear and bright light spot. It features a 5 in 1 spotlight 1 rotating gobo wheel (6 gobos + white), a fixed gobo wheel (10 gobos+ white) and a color wheel (7 colors+white). It also has a rotating 3 face prism and a Frost effect.

Color changing

Moving head lights are a popular choice for lighting designers and professionals because they can create a wide range of dynamic effects. They are often used in concert productions, theaters and dance performances to highlight a particular area on stage or audience. The color, intensity and pattern of the light output can be changed by using gels, filters or gobos. This allows the lights to be customized for each event.

There are three types of moving head lights; wash, spot and beam. Each type of light produces a different effect. Wash lights produce a wide wash of color, making them ideal for washing the whole surface of a stage or venue. They are popular at weddings, parties and events. Spot lights produce a tight beam of light in a cone-like shape. They are popular at stage productions, but can also be seen in nightclubs.

MOKA SFX EPR 380W 3 in 1 beam, spot, wash and gobo pattern light, high luminous efficiency, high integration and high effect; LED display 16 million colors touch TFT interface; DMX 512, master-slave, sound activated controllable or auto operation; Temperature protect function, when internal temperature is up to 40deg the fans begin to work; Moving head light supplier color wheel 9 colors + linear CTO+white, color fine-tuning, rotation with variable direction and speed with rainbow effect.

Gobo effects

This three-in-one stage light from MOKA SFX can be used in beam, spot and wash modes, enabling you to create a wide range of visual performances. Its high-brightness 250W white light LED source outperforms traditional bulbs in many aspects, including lower heat and longer lifespan. It also consumes less power and has a higher efficiency than traditional bulbs, making it a great choice for use in hotel banquet halls, theaters, multi-function hall stages, etc.

The fixture has a 10 fixed metal gobo plate and 7 glass gobos, giving you endless possibilities to personalize your performance. Moreover, its color wheel offers 9 colors + linear CTO+white and rainbow effect. It can also be controlled via DMX 512, master-slave, sound activated control or auto mode.

The strobe effect has an adjustable speed and a built-in electronic dimmer. In addition, the fixture has a fine-tuning capability that is up to 0.008deg. This level of precision allows you to create a precise and detailed effect. This 3 in 1 moving head light is perfect for club venues that want to blast colorful yet intense narrow beams of light into the air.


A 350W three-in-one LED moving head light is a powerful and versatile lighting fixture for concerts, shows, KTV, performances, stage, and halls. It features a 250W white LED light source, 7deg35deg linear zoom, and a fixed picture disc with a bidirectional rotating pluggable gobo disc for easy pattern changes. Its high-efficiency output and advanced 16bit dimming technology offer a smooth, stable, and precise mechanical movement.

There are a variety of 3 in 1 moving head lights available, ranging from large powerful models suitable for permanent installation in larger venues to compact units for mobile DJs and smaller venues. Many of these lights also include gobos for the creation of eye-catching effects.

Moving head lights are an essential lighting device for a wide range of applications, from dance performances to live concerts. They are often used by professional DJs, and most feature a range of useful features, including LED colour mixing, pre-programmed light shows, and sound-to-light reactivity. They are also highly portable, making them easy to use in any venue. However, it is important to keep in mind that these lights should only be handled by a qualified professional.

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