LED Strobe Mobile Light

LED lights use semiconductors to turn input current into a strong, steady light beam. They’re more robust than older lighting types and require less maintenance.

They don’t generate heat the way traditional bulbs do, so they’re cool to the touch after hours of operation. That makes them safer to handle.

Micro-Burst High Power Strobe LED Warning Light

The SS-STROBE LED Strobe Light is an easy way to make vehicles visible to others in noisy environments where audible alerts are impractical or not desirable. It consists 5 in 1 spotlight of an array of 36 white ultra-bright LEDs that are synchronized to pulse together, producing a brilliant flash of light. It features a standard flashing mode, as well as a sound activated setting that pulses the light to the beat of any music playing.

This bright, attention-grabbing strobe light is designed to be permanently mounted to vehicles with its flange base or pipe mount, or temporarily installed with its magnetic mount and vehicle power adapter. It offers a variety of customizable flash patterns, as well as amber, blue, and red lens color accessories to help distinguish unique events or enhance situational awareness.

LED lights have several advantages over older Xenon-based bulbs, including reduced maintenance and lower energy consumption. They also have a more consistent output, eliminating the very bright “hot spots” that cause eye fatigue.

The LEDQ375MX-A is a high impact strobe light that produces 65 quad flashes per minute to get the attention of drivers and pedestrians in noisy or dangerous environments. It has a sonic welded, sealed housing that keeps out dirt and moisture and is reinforced to protect against shock and vibration. The 4″H x 4-5/8″Dia. lights are ideal for municipal and utility vehicles, road paving contractors, snow plows, waste removal companies, and any vehicle that needs enhanced visibility on the job site.

SS-STROBE LED Strobe Light

Strobe lights are ideal for use in areas where audible alerts are not practical or desirable. Safeguard Supply has designed a powerful LED strobe light for use with specific door chime systems like the ERA-PRDCR-STROBE desktop receiver and the WDK-ERA-STROBE kit. When used with these systems, the SS-STROBE LED strobe flashes in response to triggers that indicate guests or visitors have arrived.

This directional surface mount strobe is capable of providing multiple visual warnings, including two different synchronized color combinations and three preset alarm patterns. The included remote allows you to cycle through your preferred modes. Programming is easy and straightforward. Simply connect the strobe to your existing power source and wire it to a switch or control box.

In this type of strobe, the strobe’s energy is supplied by a capacitor (an electricity storage device similar to a battery). When triggered, a small amount of power is diverted from the capacitor into a trigger transformer. This produces a weak but high-voltage spike that ionizes the gas in the flash tube. The resulting arc produces the visible strobe pattern.

When the strobe’s mode is set to anchor light, it will remain on during dusk to dawn and activate in the morning when the photocell detects daylight. The directional surface mount strobe can also be paired with our LED tri-mode strobe to allow you to switch between an anchor light, a red/green traffic light and a full color emergency strobe.

LEDQ375 Strobe Light

For vehicle applications that require a small but bright warning light, the LEDQ375 strobe light is the ideal option. It is a SAE Class 1 warning light that is capable of providing superior visibility in a compact package. Municipalities, snowplow contractors, waste and road paving contractors, and other vehicle operators can use these lights to enhance their visibility on the roads during bad weather or in poor lighting conditions.

These strobe lights are also available in several different color options to distinguish them from one another and help motorists quickly identify them on the road. Additionally, the Led wash lights light is able to synchronize up to 8 units together and can be used with different flash patterns to fit the specific needs of the vehicle.

There are many advantages to using a strobe light, but it is important to remember that the light is not meant to dazzle other drivers. It is designed to increase awareness, so it is essential not to exceed the recommended brightness levels.

While it is possible to install these strobe lights yourself, it is recommended that you work with a professional to ensure the job is completed correctly and safely. This will protect both your equipment and your vehicle against any potential damage that can occur if the installation is incorrectly completed. In addition, a professional will be able to complete the installation much faster than you would be able to on your own.

LEDQ475 Strobe Light

The LEDQ475 is a high power SAE Class 1 LED warning light for vehicles that need increased visibility on the road. The poly carbonate fresnel lens and rubber base provide a durable housing that stands up to the elements and harsh environments. It is ideal for municipalities, utilities, road paving contractors and snow plow operators. This bright strobe light also makes an excellent emergency vehicle lighting solution.

It features 12 selectable strobe patterns that can be changed with the button on the base of the unit. It has a built-in 100db siren and an operating life of 50,000 hours. It is also energy efficient, converting less than a quarter of its power into heat. The strobe light can be mounted in any position and is a great choice for police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks.

Strobe lights use a low amount of energy, and they are cool to the touch after hours of operation. They do not produce a lot of heat, so they are safer to touch than traditional bulbs, which can become hot to the touch after long periods of time.

Volunteer firefighters and EMTs may be required to have strobe lights on their vehicles, depending on local laws. Some states have restrictions on colors of strobe lights that can be used, but others allow any color to be used. In addition, some states have regulations on the number of strobe lights that can be installed on each vehicle.

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