3 in 1 Moving Head Light


3 in 1 Moving Head Light

A 3 in 1 moving head light is a type of lighting fixture that can produce a wide range of dynamic and versatile lighting effects for performances or events. They can be used to produce spotlights or wash lights and often feature a rotating wheel with various patterns and gobos to choose from.

Color Wheel

The Color Wheel, sometimes called a color circle, is a circular arrangement of colors organized by their chromatic relationship to one another. The colors are arranged so that the primary colors sit equidistant from each other, with secondary and tertiary colors positioned between them. This arrangement makes it easy to find harmonious combinations of colors that work well together.

Color theory is a useful tool when painting or designing a room. The basic color wheel divides the spectrum into three primary colors and their corresponding secondary colors and six intermediate colors that can be formed by mixing a primary with its complementary hue. The resulting combinations are then split into warm and cool hues, which influence how the colors make you feel.

For example, a deep cobalt blue with bright orange offers energy and excitement Outdoor Wall Washer to the room. This is because these two hues are directly opposite one another on the color wheel, which means they complement each other and balance each other visually.

A 3 in 1 moving head light is an excellent choice for producing eye-catching lighting effects in your venue. These lights are available in a variety of sizes and brightness, with some models offering a choice of gobos to provide more flexibility. There are also a range of features, including pre-programmed light shows and sound-to-light reactivity.

Gobo Disc

A gobo disc is a stencilled or etched circular disk that goes into a lighting instrument (typically an ellipsoidal reflector spotlight, laser or projector) and projects a pattern. Gobos are often used in theater to add texture, but they are also very popular at events where logos, custom patterns and even images can be projected onto a backdrop or dance floor. Gobos are also often seen at wedding receptions where ornate glass gobos of the bride and groom can be used to create an impressive feature.

There are two main types of gobos; steel and glass. Steel gobos have the pattern cut into a piece of metal allowing the light to pass through and project the design. They are very cost effective, but the quality of a steel pattern is limited by the size of the cut out areas.

Glass gobos are much more detailed and can be either one color, two colors or full color. They are more expensive, but they provide a high resolution image with superior color accuracy. Both types are compatible with all 3 in 1 moving head lights, but a special 5 in 1 spotlight holder is required to hold the gobo in place. These holders are available in a variety of sizes and are specific to the instrument that the gobo will be used with.

DMX Control

A DMX control is used to send signals from a controller to your lights, letting you change their color, pan or tilt. It can also be used to control effects, like fog machines or other moving lights that create movement. It’s possible to do this with a simple light fixture, but it becomes more complicated as the size and number of fixtures increase.

In addition to the LED controller, you’ll need a DMX receiver and a DMX decoder. The decoder is the go-between for your LEDs and the controller. The LEDs connect into terminals called channels on the decoder and the controller connects to it via an XLR cable. The decoder then takes the DMX signals from the controller and sends them to your LEDs.

There’s a limit to how many standard devices a single DMX cable can hold, and it depends on the wattage of the LEDs, so make sure you choose a decoder with enough channels for your setup. You can even daisy chain multiple decoders together for a larger project if needed.

It’s also important to note that each fixture needs its own starting address. If all the lights are assigned to the same address, they’ll all operate in the same way. Likewise, the ending point of each data line must be terminated with a 120 ohm resistor to prevent signal bouncing back down the line and distorting your lighting.

Power Supply

A moving head light is a powerful lighting fixture that can rotate and move in various directions, creating an impressive visual display. They’re widely used in concerts, theatre productions, dance performances, and clubs and bars. They work by projecting light beams onto surfaces and objects, and can be controlled by a lighting controller via DMX.

There are three main types of moving head lights; wash, spot and beam. Each creates a different effect. Washer lights highlight a larger surface area, making them ideal for illuminating a whole stage or audience. Spot lights produce a tight ray of light in a cone-like shape, ideal for highlighting a specific object or individual on stage. Beam lights produce the most intense ray of light, making them popular for creating eye-catching aerial effects. There are also hybrid lights that combine multiple effects.

The range of 3 in 1 moving head lights from Electromarket includes large powerful models suitable for permanent installation in spacious venues, as well as compact units for mobile DJs and smaller venues. Most include a variety of useful features including LED colour mixing, pre-programmed light shows and sound-to-light reactivity. Some also feature a rotating wheel with gobo patterns for creating eye-catching effects. All the models in our range are easy to operate and offer a great value for money.

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