LED Strobe Mobile Light

Designed to maximize machine vision systems operating at high speeds, strobing or pulsing LED lights help freeze images for better results. However, the light flicker can be distracting and disorienting to nearby team members.

Luckily, a new solution to this problem has been developed. It’s called Hidden Strobe, and it minimizes the negative impacts of strobing lighting.


Strobe lights are a vital component in vehicle safety. By highlighting the presence of large vehicles in low-visibility conditions, they increase visibility to other drivers and reduce collisions. Ambulances, fire trucks, security vehicles, escort cars, and pilot cars commonly use strobe lights to help them safely navigate traffic and roadways in emergency situations or low-light conditions.

LEDs have much lower stroboscopic effects than Xenon strobes, eliminating flash-to-flash variation and “arc wander” that causes eye strain. Additionally, a wider range of LED light patterns are available to accommodate varying inspection needs.

Additionally, LEDs allow a more defined inspection area than Xenon-based lights, eliminating light spillover that can temporarily blind an operator while inspecting the product line. LEDs also have a much higher number of diodes than Xenon bulbs, reducing the potential downtime caused by bulb failure.

This strobe light can be hard wired to a 12V – 24V power source for permanent installation with its flange base or can be temporarily mounted on a vehicle with a magnetic mount and vehicle power adapter. It has a standard flashing mode, as well as sound activated settings that synchronize the light with the beat of music. It can also be controlled wirelessly with the EZ-Connect app to change modes and configure flash pattern and brightness / intensity levels. Detailed instructions are included with the product to guide you through the simple, DIY installation process. If you prefer, a professional installer can complete the job for you.


A strobe light is a visual 5 in 1 spotlight alert device that provides a friendly and visually striking alternative to audible alerts. This can be especially helpful in loud environments or situations where sound alerts are not appropriate.

Strobe lights can also be used to signal the location of a vehicle or equipment in areas where sound is not allowed. They can also be used to help drivers see obstacles or other hazards in their path. However, not all strobe lights are created equal, so it’s important to choose one that is durable and can be trusted to function correctly.

One of the best ways to ensure your strobe light is durable is by using it in the right environment. Ensure that your strobe is designed for the weather and traffic conditions in your area, and make sure it has a built-in rain shield to protect the internal circuitry from moisture. Another way to ensure durability is by choosing a strobe that is made from sturdy materials, such as metal and polycarbonate plastic.

The ANT 6-3 hideaway LED strobe light is an excellent choice for many applications, including fire trucks, ambulances, and police cars. Its hidden design makes it easy to install without making your vehicle look unnecessarily Led wash lights flashy. Its 20-gauge leads and high-tech strobe light technology promise a reliable connection and long life.

Energy Efficiency

Strobe lights offer a more effective way to alert drivers, pedestrians and other road users when audible signals are not practical or desired. They can help reduce driver fatigue and can also alert road users to potential hazards that they may not see otherwise. The latest strobe light models also feature a wide array of flash patterns and can be adjusted to suit the particular needs of any situation.

Many strobe lights come with an integrated auxiliary battery to help them run for longer periods of time. They also have multiple strip-type air galleries for efficient heat dissipation, protecting the LEDs and prolonging their lifespan. This makes them a reliable choice for use in outdoor settings where the weather can be unpredictable.

These lights are also ideal for use in a variety of applications where the presence of an emergency vehicle is not necessary, such as in events, private parties or weddings. They can also be used to add a festive look to Christmas celebrations and enhance stage performances.

They can be hard wired for a permanent installation using their flange base or mounted temporarily on vehicles with their magnetic mounts and vehicle power adapters. They can also be connected to other devices through their auxiliary output ports, allowing them to serve as emergency signaling beacons for other vehicles or stationary objects in emergency situations.


Whether you’re a firefighter, an ambulance driver, or just want to make your vehicle more visible, strobe lights are the way to go. They’re bright, easy to see from a distance, and work well even in foggy or rainy conditions. Plus, unlike traditional bulbs, they don’t turn a lot of energy into heat. This makes them cool to the touch after hours of use.

You can customize the way your strobe light flashes using an Android app. Techlicious has a favorite, called Light Manager, which lets you set notifications by contact and change the color and frequency of the LEDs. You can also set a sound-activated mode, which paces the flashes to the music you play.

Another option is to buy a strobe kit that comes with a switch and a battery charger. The switch has two buttons, one that controls power on & off and the other for changing modes. It supports a total of 12 different flash patterns, including last pattern memory recall. You can also choose a fixed mode, which produces an ultra-bright steady-on beam.

Hideaway strobe lights can be installed in your existing light bar or on a flat surface like a bumper. They produce an astounding amount of brightness but don’t take up as much space as a full light bar. This is especially useful if you need to save space on your vehicle’s dashboard.

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