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Beam Moving Head Lights

Beam moving head lights are a highly sought-after lighting fixture for many events. They offer a wide range of features and a cool atmosphere to take your event to the next level!

There are two main types of Beam moving head lights – spot and wash. Spot moving heads emit narrow beams of light that can be adjusted for size and sharpness, while washing moving head lights create broad washes of light. There are also hybrid options that combine both functions.


Beam moving head lights are used to create eye-catching visual effects in a wide variety of entertainment venues. They have a range of features, including LED color mixing, strobe effects and sound-to-light reactivity. They are also highly versatile, with a choice of Beam moving head lights gobos and colors to suit different needs. This makes them perfect for use at concerts and other events.

There are several types of Beam moving head lights on the market, ranging from large, powerful models to smaller, portable units. Some have a fixed gobo, while others have a rotating wheel with various patterns to choose from. Some of them even have a beam effect, such as Claypaky Sharpy 5r, which can produce a narrow beam of light and make your stage show more dynamic.

These lighting systems offer great convenience, allowing you to control your home’s lights from anywhere in the world with a smartphone app. You can even set a timer to turn off the lights at certain times, for example at 10pm to train children to go to bed on time. You can also schedule your lights to change from warm to cool and back again to save energy.

Whether you are using Beam moving head lights for entertainment or for everyday purposes, they provide a unique lighting experience that is both fun and mood-boosting. They can be used to highlight performers, create eye-catching effects and illuminate scenic elements.


Beam moving head lights are very durable and a great choice for venues that need high-impact lighting. They are also very easy to operate and provide many options for the lighting designer. In addition, they are incredibly energy-efficient, which means that you can save money on your electricity bill. If you choose a well-known brand, you can trust that it will offer reliable products and good after-sales support.

There are many different types of LED moving heads on the market, and each has its own unique characteristics. For example, some produce narrow beams of light while others have broad washes. Regardless of the type of moving head you choose, all models feature energy-efficient LED technology and can be used for various applications.

Another great advantage of Beam moving head lights is that they are weather-resistant and can be installed both indoors and outdoors. In addition, they require less power than traditional light bulbs and are easier to clean than conventional switches. These smart light bulbs can also be controlled remotely, and some even have an away from home mode to turn off the lights automatically.

Beam moving head lights are popular in nightclubs, bars, and restaurants because they create an impressive visual display. They can change color, strobe, and do many other lighting effects. Some also have gobo patterns that create eye-catching effects on walls or ceilings.


Beam moving head lights are a staple in stage lighting and event production. They provide versatile and captivating visual effects, allowing you to transform any venue into an immersive and engaging environment. Understanding their function can help you maximize the return on your investment in these lighting fixtures.

These lights can be used on their own or in conjunction with other equipment to produce impressive light shows. Most of them are equipped with a variety of features, including LED color mixing and pre-programmed automatic patterns. They can also be controlled using DMX, which gives you more control over the movement and intensity of the lights.

Compared to traditional brightness lighting, beam moving head lights use less power. They are more energy-efficient and can significantly reduce your electricity bills. In addition, they can be operated remotely with a smart home system. This technology allows you to control your home’s lighting from anywhere.

Beam moving head lights are ideal for highlighting specific objects or individuals, making them popular in theatre productions and live performances. They can also create an impressive aerial effect in nightclubs and other venues. Many of them also have interchangeable gobos, which allow you to project patterns or shapes onto the light. This makes them an ideal choice for DJ and disco environments. Moreover, these lights are highly durable and can be used for long periods of time.


Moving head lights are a popular choice John Deere LED Work Light for DJs and can be used to create a mind-blowing stage setting. They are compact, lightweight, and easy to use. They also offer a wide range of settings, making them versatile for many different events. In addition, they can save space and are easy to transport.

These lights are perfect for illuminating stages, discos, and other venues. They are available in a variety of configurations, including beam, wash, and hybrid. Each type of light has its own unique effect. For example, a beam fixture produces the tightest beam of light and is ideal for highlighting specific objects or individuals, whereas a wash fixture emits a wider beam of light. There are also a number of options for color and pattern changes, and some even allow you to control the speed at which the lights move.

When choosing a moving head light, consider the power and size of the bulb. It should have a good heat dissipation system and be strong enough to withstand the vibrations caused by moving. In addition, you should pay attention to the mechanical structure of the light. It must be dust-proof and waterproof. If these requirements are not met, the electrical parameters will drift and the color wheel and gobo wheels will rupture. It is also important to choose a product that can be easily adjusted to fit your space.

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