5 in 1 Spotlight and Reflector


5 in 1 Spotlight and Reflector

The hands-free 5-in-1 spotlight features a tight-beam long-throw spot light, plus a wide-beam floodlight for distance illumination. You control each effect independently via the included DMX, wireless RF remote or mobile APP.

A reflector is a simple way to soften hard Outdoor Wall Washer light. Place it parallel to your subject in order to lighten heavy shadows.


You’ll need to decide what brightness you want your spotlights to have. This will be based on the size of space they’ll be used in, and how high the ceilings are. Traditionally, the way we’ve estimated bulb brightness is by counting the watts it uses – so a 60 watt bulb is brighter than a 40 watt bulb. However, LED bulbs are far more efficient than halogen bulbs, so you’ll need to look at lumens instead of watts to get an idea of how bright they’ll be.

You also need to think about what shape of light you’ll be getting from your spotlight. For example, a spotlight that produces a very narrow beam of light is better for creating sharp shadows and definition around your subject. On the other hand, a wider beam can wash out your subject’s face or background.

If you’re not sure what you’d like, try a few different options out and see which one works best for you. You can then take that knowledge with you when you start looking at other lighting options, such as strobes or soft boxes. Another thing to keep in mind is that a reflector will help you modify the light that your spotlight is throwing, so it’s important to try out several types with your subject before making your final purchase.

Color Temperature

Color temperature is the X factor that can make or break your lighting. It’s a little less understood than other tech specs, but it’s a critical element when choosing everything from functional recessed lights to a statement chandelier. Color temperature is a measure of how yellow or blue your light is, typically expressed in Kelvin units.

Usually found on the Lighting Specs Label and on product pages, it’s important to select a light that has a color temperature that matches your application needs. Warmer light temperatures (2200-2700K) have a more inviting, cozy feel and feature more orange and yellow tones. These are often best for pendants, wall lanterns and ambient lighting in residential indoor spaces. Cooler light temperatures (4000K – 5000K) have a more invigorating feel and use more blue tints. These work well in task lighting, especially in basement workshops and home offices.

If you want to get fancy, select a 5 in 1 spotlight that allows you to adjust the color temperature on-the-fly using its mobile APP. This way you can get the perfect hue to match your mood, room or décor. Or choose a fixture with different fixed presets like 2700K soft white, 3000K bright white, 4000K cool white or 6500K daylight deluxe that can be easily changed using forward phase triac dimmers. Then you can enjoy your curated lighting experience all night long.


The LED25WRE-CPR LED spotlight is an ultra-compact, versatile lighting system that has both a tight-beam long-throw spotlight and a wide-beam close-area floodlight. It is ideal for a variety of applications such as equipment, vehicle, military, law enforcement and industrial manufacturing. Compared to the previous projector version that mounts to ETC Source 4 Leko light fixtures, the Spotlight Max’s advanced optical design and high-efficiency optics have demonstrated higher intensity projection options for a wider range of fixtures than the previous projector.

Featuring multi-element, low-dispersion lenses and a larger diameter for increased light passage, the Spotlight Max’s rear lens is engineered to accept either Aputure dedicated front lenses or, through the use of a mechanical adapter, ETC Source 4 Leko standard and EDLT lenses (excluding the 10deg). This allows the projector to be paired with an expansive array of readily available ETC optics that have not been optimized for this type of projector.

This allows you to key a subject with a hard focused spot, emulate a ray of sunlight coming through a window, or even project a gobo pattern onto the wall or floor. The flexibility of this spotlight is further enhanced by the fact that it has no rigid body. It can be shaped with the hands to create a curved surface that will fill in shadows that a flat reflector would not.

Diffusion Panel

A 5-in-1 reflector is a versatile lighting tool that allows you to modify your light in multiple ways. It includes white, silver, gold, black, and translucent surfaces, all of which can be easily switched using a zipper system. Choosing the right surface depends on your subject and the lighting conditions. The white reflector provides a natural-looking soft light, the silver provides a more specular look, and the gold adds warm or cool tones to your image. The black reflector, on the other hand, can be used to create shadow or dampen harsh lighting conditions.

A diffuser is a useful addition to your reflector because it softens hard-edged light by diffusing and scattering the rays of light that hit the subject. It can be used in combination with a 5 in 1 spotlight flash or strobe to soften the shadows, enhancing the overall quality of your image.

Another use of a diffusion panel is to soften a small hard light source, such as sunlight or a single window. To do this, simply place the diffusion panel between your subject and the light source. This technique can be especially helpful when shooting in the shade or with a low-angle sun. However, it is important to note that a diffusion panel will cut down on the amount of light coming from your source, so you should make sure to take into account this loss when setting your camera’s exposure.

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