Illuminated Poster Frame Light Boxes


Illuminated Poster Frame Light Boxes

Illuminated poster display light boxes are used in retail stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues to draw attention to their marketing or message. These ADA compliant displays have slim profiles with snap-open molding for easy graphic changes.

There are two primary types of illuminated frames: backlit and edge-lit. Backlit frames use rows of lighting across the entire frame facing your graphics while edge-lit frames have LED lights positioned along the perimeter of the frame.

Brighter Light

The cool white LED edge-lit strip lighting inside these slim light box frames shines brightly through your poster or signage graphic to illuminate a vivid display. The illumination is distributed evenly so the eye is drawn to the message, not the frame or its hardware. They’re UL-listed for safety and use and consume less energy than fluorescent bulbs, resulting in substantial energy cost savings to please your wallet as well as your eyes.

These backlit LED light boxes are a popular choice for many types of indoor and outdoor environments. They’re seen in retail department stores, malls and transportation stations as well as restaurants and business offices. These LED lightboxes are also available in large sizes, making them perfect for commercial installations that need to draw attention to a specific message or product.

With a snap-open frame design, you can quickly change the promotional messaging or special offer in these backlit LED lightboxes. Simply flip open the sides of the silver metal frame, remove the PET-G anti-glare overlay and insert your poster backlit led poster frame light box or other marketing material. Then, snap shut the frame back into place. You can complete this process in less than a minute. We have hundreds of different light box frames and sign holders in wood and metal finishes to complement your specific interior decor and branding needs.

Longer Lifespan

If you’re looking for a poster light box with the longest lifespan possible, choose a backlit option. They use LED bulbs that last much longer than traditional fluorescent lighting tubes. They also consume less energy, reducing your monthly electricity costs.

Another reason to consider backlit light boxes is that they provide more uniform illumination than edge-lit options. Unlike edge-lit frames, which use lights near the edges of the frame to illuminate your graphic, backlit light boxes use more LED bulbs to fully illuminate your display. Because of this, your graphic will look brighter in a backlit light box than an edge-lit one, and the overall look is more consistent.

With larger sizes of edge-lit light boxes, the lights are further away from the center of your poster, which can cause the graphics to look dimmer. This can be a problem if you’re planning to use a double-sided lightbox for a free-standing sign that can be seen from all sides.

Illuminated posters and signage attract passersby like moths to a flame, helping your business turn more customers during evening hours. These lighted light box poster displays, light panels and other illuminated signage holders come in numerous styles and sizes to meet your specific needs. You can also buy wall-mounted versions to keep power cords out of the way and prevent people from tripping over them.

Easier Updates

Backlit poster frame light boxes with dimmable LED lights are a great option for home theaters. They can help maintain a cozy ambiance for guests. They also allow you to keep the lighting consistent throughout the evening, making your movie-watching experience even more enjoyable.

Another advantage of these lighted display cases is the ease with which you can update them with new posters or signs. They have a sleek snap-open frame design that allows you led light boxes wholesale to easily access the window to change your poster or signage without taking the light box off the wall. You can even use magnetic clamps for poster placement that securely hold your graphics instead of marring them with tacks or adhesives.

These LED light box displays are ADA-compliant and feature break-resistant acrylic windows, so they can stand up to high traffic and busy public spaces. They also have a slim profile that is much thinner than traditional lightboxes, so they are more space-efficient. They can also be hung indoors or outdoors, depending on the type of model you choose.

Some models have a removable back panel so you can easily replace the LED bulbs. You can also choose to have them fitted with LED or fluorescent light tubes, so you can switch the lighting system as needed. LED lighting uses less energy than fluorescent light tubes and lasts five times longer.


There are a few different options when it comes to illuminated poster frames. You can opt for back-lit or edge-lit versions. Back-lit models feature LED lights across the back of the frame, illuminating posters from all directions. This type of lighting typically requires more bulbs than edge-lit ones and will result in higher energy costs.

Edge-lit display frames have LED light strips positioned inside the edges of the frame light panel that shine sideways, penetrating the translucent film behind your graphic message and lighting it indirectly. This type of frame is a slimmer option than back-lit posters, with a less than an inch thickness. This means that foot traffic is unlikely to bump into or trip over the displays as easily, and it will be easier to change graphics.

Illuminated LED light box poster frames are an excellent choice for any business or organization that wants to grab attention and draw people into a space. They are available in large sizes, allowing them to be used as a permanent fixture in bars, transportation stations, malls, or other indoor locations. Market research has shown that illuminated advertisements and posters are more effective than those without lighting.

The SwingFrame Decor light box offers a sleek, modern design that will complement any decor. This frame has a clear overlay to keep grime off the poster and prevent glare, and it is easy to access for graphic changes. You simply unlock the frame, swing it open and place or change the poster, then you can lock it closed again.

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