Vector Frame Essential Light Box


Vector Frame Essential Light Box

The Vector Frame Essential Light Box is the perfect solution for retail, interior and event environments requiring illuminated branding. With a sleek 4″ white aluminum frame and seamless SEG push-fit fabric graphics, this backlit display offers superior aesthetics and easy assembly. No tools required, just slide each frame piece together, apply the push-fit graphics and plug in. LED lighting comes pre-attached and swivel lock feet add stability.

Sleek Frame Design

Vector Frame light boxes add illuminated, easy-to-read messaging to retail environments, event marketing and trade show booths. These durable, lightweight, fabric backlit displays feature LED edge lighting that comes adhered to the aluminum extrusion frames and are available in a variety of sizes with single or double-sided graphics. All light box kits include wheeled molded cases for easy transport and a lifetime warranty on hardware.

Sleek 4″ white aluminum frames combine with seamless SEG push-fit fabric graphics to create this elegant lightbox display. This sophisticated backlit fabric exhibit features radiant aesthetics and requires no tools to assemble. Simply slide each frame piece together, apply the fabric graphics and plug in. LED lighting is pre-attached to the frame and swivel lock feet offer added stability.

The 10ft wide Vector Frame essential lightbox R-05 features a sleek aluminum frame and custom printed SEG push-fit fabric graphics to create a unique zero edge design. The LED edge lighting on this backlit fabric display lights up the entire graphic for a stunning, eye-catching presentation. The swivel out feet are a great way to add stability to the free-standing backlit fabric display, even during use. Kits come with either single or double-sided graphics and are available in a wide range of popular sizes including 6ft, 8ft, 10ft and 30ft wide options.

Durable Fabric Graphics

The fabric graphics in a vector frame light box are printed with dye sublimation for incredibly vivid inks that pop. These prints are also light, durable and wrinkle resistant. They’re easy to steam out of folds and wash if they get dirty.

The graphics fit into a channel that runs the length of the frame on the backside. This allows the graphics to sit taut from edge to edge without distortion. Some graphic models, known as silicon edge graphics (SEG), have a silicone strip sewn to the perimeter that pushes into a recessed groove on the frame. This gives the graphic a smooth, taut edge to edge appearance and is more stable than traditional first surface graphics.

These lightweight, flexible graphics are available in many different sizes and stretches. Backlit and non-backlit options are available. Fabric graphics are an ideal choice for trade show displays, but should always be chosen based on the specific vector frame light box needs of a particular exhibit project. Choosing a fabric display just because it’s trendy or being pushed by a salesperson that doesn’t understand what a specific application requires is a bad idea.

These displays are great for retail environments, event and corporate lobbies, media walls, point of sale, office livery and more. They can be free standing or wall mounted and backlit to draw attention and communicate your brand messaging.

Easy to Assemble

Light boxes tend to get slightly overlooked when it comes to front-facing signage, despite being an extremely practical solution for many brands. They’re simple enough to transport, and can stand freely (so long as they’re not too large) without needing any fixing or hanging. They’re also often capable of faithfully rendering a logo or design at a smaller scale than other types of display materials.

For example, our Vector Frame Light Box Square 04 fabric backwall has a sleek 4″ white aluminum frame with seamless SEG push-fit fabric graphics that backlight via LED edge lighting. It’s available in single- or double-sided options and includes a block out liner to seal in the light and give your graphics a glowing effect. This illuminated fabric display kit is a great addition to trade show booths, retail environments and corporate lobbies. It’s easy to assemble and features a lifetime manufacturer warranty on hardware so you can use it season after season with new graphics.

To set up, simply assemble the frame sections together, apply the SEG push-fit graphics and plug in! The LED lights come adhered to the frame, making assembly a simple process. Swivel lock feet are included for added stability to this free-standing fabric light box.


Vector Frame light boxes pack down easily to fit light box dealer into a hard-molded, wheeled case for easy storage and shipping. The lightweight, durable aluminum extrusion frames snap and lock together, without tools and connect to the LED lights with simple plug-in connectors. The SEG (silicone edged graphic) graphics then press into the frame channels for a seamless, backlit look that illuminates your messaging with powerful LED edge lighting. Double-sided graphics are available for greater visibility and impact.

The Vector Frame Essential fabric display is an illuminated way to attract attention in any retail environment, event space or trade show booth. Sleek 4in white aluminum frames and seamless SEG push-fit graphic technology create superior aesthetics for a sophisticated backlit fabric display. This no-tools required display assembly is as easy as sliding each frame piece together, applying the graphic, plugging in and adding swivel lock feet for stability.

Durable 100mm aluminum extrusion frames hold dye sub printed SEG fabric graphics for a light-box effect, delivering a stunning backlit marketing solution. Available in a variety of sizes, these versatile displays are perfect for retail, corporate events and trade show environments where illuminated branding is key. LED lights come adhered to the frame, making set up as simple as assembling the 10 foot x 8 foot frame, applying the push-fit graphic and plugging in!

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