Illuminated Poster Frames


Illuminated Poster Frames

Illuminated poster frames present your advertising in a new light. They mitigate the effects of ambient lighting and bring the most important elements of your poster into focus.

Using backlit film, these poster displays deliver vibrant colors and rich blacks. They also eliminate the need for tacks or adhesives.

Easy to change posters

Illuminated poster frames are ideal for use in point-of-sale displays, lobbies of movie theaters and other high traffic areas. These displays provide a high-end look that enhances the image of a brand and increases consumer perception of quality. They also offer the versatility to accommodate a wide range of advertising, notices and posters.

The framed poster display cases are designed with break-resistant acrylic windows and illuminated poster frames easy snap-open mechanisms that make reprinting and swapping out posters simple. They can be wall-mounted, free-standing or hung on a power rail. They can be easily repositioned to attract attention in new locations and to highlight different properties. They are ADA-compliant and have a metal Z-bar (cleat) with mounting holes for easy, secure wall hanging.

The edges of illuminated poster frames feature LED light strips that emit a soft glow to help them stand out from other marketing materials. These lights shine sideways and illuminate the translucent film behind the graphic, creating indirect lighting that’s both aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective. The frames are also slimmer than traditional poster displays, so they’re less likely to be bumped or snagged by foot traffic.

These illuminated poster frames are great for displaying a variety of products in retail stores, exhibitions, museums, libraries and more. They’re also a smart and eye-catching way to advertise your business in any dimly lit space.


A well-illuminated poster can attract passersby and turn them into customers. Illuminated frames highlight the contents in a very striking way, even in pedestrian zones, and ensure that your message is not overlooked. In addition, they are particularly suitable for advertising and notices, especially when they are hung in shop windows. Whether you want to show off new cinema movies, or advertise a special cosmetics line, illuminated frames are the ideal solution for your communication with your customers and passersby.

These high-quality backlit light boxes are an eye-catching way to display your graphics and posters in retail displays, museums, art galleries, theatre foyers, bars, restaurants, and reception areas. They are available in various sizes, and their slim profile makes them a perfect fit for any space. The transparent front face prevents grime from building up during use and protects your graphics against vandals. Changing the posters is quick and simple, too – just snap open the sides of the frame, swap out the existing one, then snap it shut again!

Our LED light box displays are a cost-effective solution for displaying your content in storefronts, and they can ultra thin led light box accommodate multiple posters. They are also ideal for highlighting luxury products or services, and their sleek design enhances the visual impact of your brand image. These lightweight aluminum frames can be easily hanged using the included nylon line hanging kits, and they are easy to maintain. They are also energy-saving and impress with their durability.


Lighted poster frames are a great choice for retail point-of-purchase, exhibitions, museums, art galleries, theatre foyers and bars, restaurants, and reception halls. They are also ideal for use as a backlit sign in public areas such as airports, train stations and casinos. They can easily attract the attention of passersby and customers, and they are also energy-saving.

Illuminated posters have a special impact on the viewer, catching their eyes and causing them to stop in their tracks. In fact, studies show that illuminated signs get noticed seven times more than non-illuminated ones, so they are a fantastic way to draw the eye and increase brand awareness.

Our LED light box display models are ultra-slim, with a wall hugging profile less than 1 inch deep. They feature an easy-to-use, front loading design that allows you to easily change the poster without taking the frame off the wall. Simply snap open the aluminum snap edge frame rails, insert your new poster, add an anti-glare PETG overlay and snap shut.

The back-lit film used in our illuminated poster frames produces vivid colors and rich blacks that are not found in conventional paper posters. Inserting a traditional paper poster into a back-lit light box can result in a washed out image with limited contrast, particularly in darker shades of the image. Our illuminated poster frames are available in 9 popular indoor, edge-lit LED snap frame sizes and can be custom built to your specification.


Illuminated frames offer a stunning way to draw the attention of passers-by and customers to displayed signage, posters or graphics. These displays can also accommodate multiple posters at a time. They can be easily positioned on a wall, table or counter. They can be mounted on a power rail, where they are suspended and can also be used as free-standing units. They also come with a backlight feature, which can be changed to red, green or blue to add a captivating glow.

For the best illuminated poster display results, we recommend printing your posters on a backlit film. This will ensure that your graphics will retain vibrant colors and rich blacks. Posters printed on paper will appear washed out due to limited contrast. This is especially true in the darker shades. Using an illuminated frame will ensure that your message is clearly visible in all lighting conditions.

Another advantage of these frames is that they can accommodate multiple posters, which are often larger than standard poster sizes. They also provide a clean look and feel, making them ideal for any environment. They can even be hung from ceilings and are available in a variety of finishes. They also have an easy-to-use lockable system that protects against tampering. This feature makes them suitable for use in a range of different settings, including retail storefronts and malls.

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