Luxli Timpani 5 in 1 Spotlight


Luxli Timpani 5 in 1 Spotlight


Unlike most other 1×1 LED panels, which use one of two different LED colors (daylight balanced and tungsten balanced) for bicolor operation, the Luxli Timpani uses five different diodes to pump out nearly any color on the spectrum using RGB mode or select your choice of 150 Lee gels in filter mode. The light also has a separate 2835 6000K white LED chip for true white and a 3-ounce copper PCB that handles power to both chips.

The result is a super bright LED panel that is perfect for videographers, cinematographers, rental houses, studios, and DJ’s that need to quickly set up their lights and get to work. The LED’s are rated to last 100,000 hours and it can be controlled with a standard DMX Controller or a UDMX Wireless Transmitter/Receiver.

DMX is pre-Buit in on the light and users may set up to 12 units per DMX channel. The unit can be operated in CCT mode or in RGB mode, and it also offers a built-in 4-button LED display for easy operation without the need of an external controller.


The 5 in 1 RGB + CCT strip lights are a new LED strip technology that combines both RGB and white LED chips to allow for full spectrum color-adjustable light. The combination of both technologies allows you to create a wide range of colors and adjust the color temperature to get the perfect look for your project. This type of strip can be used in a variety of applications, including architectural lighting, signage, cove lighting, and more.

In the RGB + CCT LED strip, the red, green, and blue LEDs are mixed with an additional chip that can display a variety of different white color temperatures, from warm white to daylight white. This gives you a much wider range of colors and color temperatures than traditional RGB strips. It can also save you the cost of installing Outdoor Wall Washer two separate strips of colored lighting, as you can get the funkier RGB colours and the natural whites all from one strip.

RGB + CCT LED strips are easy to connect and work with the RGB tunable white controller to create bold, brilliant illumination. With 16 million colors available and a color temperature adjustment range of 2200K to 6500K, these LED strips can create the perfect scene for any space.

You can find more information about RGB + CCT LED strips at the manufacturer website. They have a number of options for both indoor and outdoor applications, including a wide range of lengths. You can even cut the LED strip lights to your desired length, and then reinstall them by following the markings on the back of the strip.

The high LED Chips density eliminates visible Light Dots and dark areas, and the flexible and bendable ribbon design makes it easy to fit into tight spaces. This makes it perfect for the indoor linear seamless lighting application.


Easily control your lighting from 3 different ways. Connect to a smartphone or tablet via the free downloadable app, use the sleek glass touch control interface or operate using the included wireless remote (sold separately). This DMX decoder is perfect for LED strips and can also be used in conjunction with a non-DMX controlled fixture in RGB-W mode. It supports up to three separate zones that can be operated independently or simultaneously and can save up to 10 color changing effects per zone.

This DMX addressable LED strip kit is ideal for entertainment, retail and commercial applications with the ability to create dynamic lighting scenes for your displays. Each pixel is individually controlled for a variety of display functions such as matrix, scrolling, static and animated color modes. The pixel can be powered via the built-in 5V power supply or a separate 5 in 1 spotlight 5V DC source. Using the free downloadable software, users can set up and program the LED strip for their desired effect.

This LED strip light is the most versatile and highest quality solution for creating a wide range of dynamic color lighting effects. Featuring advanced LED technology with white CCT, this product delivers high-quality color and brightness. It allows you to create a rich palette of colors, including smooth RGBAW color mixing. The LED strip includes a powerful, integrated IC that adds a DMX512 interface to each pixel. This strip can be controlled by a DMX controller or through the bundled RF remote. It can also be powered from an external power source for added flexibility. This product has a waterproof rating and can be installed indoors or outdoors. For outdoor installations, we recommend adding a silicone diffuser or aluminum channel to the strip for better heat dissipation.

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