Moving Head Beam

Moving head beam (also known as sharpy lights) offers a variety of features to create visually stunning displays that captivate audiences. From gobos and prisms to color mixing and strobe effects, there are many options available to suit your event’s requirements.

Beam lights produce a tight beam of light, ideal for highlighting specific elements. Spot/profile lights offer precision and pattern projection, wash lights create a dynamic ambiance, and hybrid fixtures combine multiple effects.


A moving head beam is a high-tech product integrating electronics, machinery and optics. Its design determines its mechanical properties, heat dissipation, noise, strength and weight. The light has many parts and systems, including the lamp body, Beam moving head lights support frame, base, and side plate. The quality of these parts is critical to the light’s performance. In general, the best LED moving head lights are made of aluminum alloy castings and stamping parts. They are also designed with a built-in fan to accelerate heat dissipation and maintain a constant temperature.

The brightness of a moving head beam is mainly determined by the power it uses. The higher the power, the brighter the light will be. The different types of LED moving head lights vary in their brightness. Beam and spot lights have narrower light beams, while wash lights produce broader beams.

Moving head beam lighting is a versatile tool for creating an impressive stage design. These lights are great for highlighting specific areas on a stage, as well as for creating dramatic effects. They can also be used in conjunction with a smoke or haze machine to create an impressive aerial display. In addition, these lights can be controlled using multiple modes, such as DMX512, automatic, sound activated, master/slave mode, etc. These features make them an ideal choice for any venue, including nightclubs and concert halls.


Incorporating beam moving head lights into a theatrical production opens up a new world of dynamic possibilities, allowing lighting designers to create mesmerizing movements and chases that perfectly synchronize with the performance. Additionally, their controllability and flexibility allow designers to make real-time adjustments in order to keep the lighting as captivating as possible throughout the event.

The most notable feature of a moving head beam is its ability to pan, tilt, and rotate, offering a versatile range of movement that allows it to illuminate any stage area with ease. This flexibility makes it perfect for highlighting specific stage elements or accentuating key moments during a performance. Depending on the fixture, it can also produce powerful and sharp beams of light that project over long distances, making them ideal for illuminating large venues.

Additionally, most beam moving head fixtures come equipped with gobos, which are circular stenciled discs that can be used to shape the beam of light into unique patterns. The variety of available gobo types, which range from stars and circles to spirals and polka dots, offer endless creative potential to craft visually stunning effects that can capture the audience’s attention. Similarly, most beam fixtures come with color options that allow designers to adjust the lighting color according to the theme of their event or the moment in a performance.


Unlike traditional light bulbs that use a switch to turn them on and off, beam moving head lights can be controlled with a smart light system. These systems work using a wireless network to communicate with each bulb and can be operated from anywhere with an internet connection. Moreover, they can also be scheduled to turn on and off at specified times so that you can save on electricity consumption.

A beam moving head is a type of nightclub light that projects a narrow beam of light with sharp edges. The narrow beams do not spread much over long distances and are designed to sweep across the club for a really cool search light lighting effect. The light can change color, John Deere LED Work Light strobe and have many other effects that can be used to create a visually stunning atmosphere for any performance.

In order to take full advantage of a moving head beam, it is important to know how to program it correctly. Ensure that you have a control system compatible with your fixtures and that you are familiar with the DMX protocol. This will make the process of programming and controlling your mini moving head beams much easier.

Additionally, be sure to experiment with the focus settings, color options, and gobos of your moving head beam to get the most out of it. You can even try out different patterns and shapes to create a unique look for your event.


Moving head beam lights have a range of effects to create an impressive visual display. These lights are a staple in stage lighting for dance clubs, rock and festival stages, and other events that need dynamic lighting. These lights can highlight a specific instrument or performer on stage, and create a 3D effect that draws the audience in. They can also be synced to the rhythm of the music to create an immersive experience for everyone in attendance.

These lights come in three different types: wash, spot and beam, with each type producing a different effect. Wash lights produce the widest beam of light, ideal for highlighting large areas of the stage or venue. Spot lights produce a tighter beam of light, ideal for spotlighting a particular object or person. Beam moving heads produce the most focused beam of light, allowing them to produce eye-catching aerial displays.

Beam moving heads also come with a variety of other features to increase their versatility. They can be equipped with gobos and pattern wheels to project images, and have automated framing shutters that reduce spill and further shape the beam of light. They can also be used with strobe functions, which can add a dramatic effect to a performance or event.

These benefits make a moving head beam an essential component in any professional lighting system. If you’re looking to buy a moving head for your next event, be sure to shop with a reputable supplier like Electromarket.

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